Are You Expecting Anything In The Mail ?

  1. Are you expecting anything in the mail ? :smile:
  2. Yes, but nothing that I actually want.
  3. Yeah, bills.
  4. Yes i am and I can't wait! This should be a fun week for me mail wise!
  5. I have this strange anxiety about getting mail. I always expect a letter from an attorney or something evil from the IRS.
    Yes, I am a nutter.
  6. yep :biggrin:
    -2 grail shirts that were 70% off at Shopbop
    -seven for all mankind deco flynts that were 75% off @ ron herman
    -2 pairs of mj gladiator sandals (return the ones that don't fit) from Nordies
    -mj mouse flats from plazatoo
    ...i think thats it...
  7. My beloved MJ white/black pumps!!! Have been waiting forever for them *sigh sigh* :biggrin:

    Ohhhhh....and I also did some shopping since BF sold an apartment ;)

    Lv black pumps, LV 30 Epi Speedy (finally the size I wanted!!!), and Dior tortoiseshell wedges
  8. a white linen juicy couture dress from the bloomingdales in beverly hills b/c they didn't have my size at either bloomies in Atlanta. it was 20% off, i'm so excited!
  9. Bills.. maybe another letter from my school. But no, unfortunately nothing fun !
  10. 2006 LV catalogue and that's about it...
  11. Yes,
    2 pairs of Tom Ford sunglasses
    2 pairs of Marc Jacobs sunglasses
    1 pair of Fendi sunglasses
    2 Marc by Marc Jacobs dresses
    all from eluxury. Can you tell I just LOVE sunglasses?!:biggrin::lol:
  12. 3 vintage issues of VOGUE from the 30's & 40's. I collect those and constantly browse ebay to find them. Last week I found some rare issues I have been looking for a long time. Yay!
  13. Yep:

    My Loubouton wedges and Marc J Jacket - hope they fit!
    Cough medicine from the UK
    Clothes for mah kids
    Tickets for the Australian Ashes cricket test in Adelaide
    Magazine supscription
    Amex bill
  14. Yes! Some Lia Sophia gold jewelry, 1 bracelet, 1 necklace and 4 pair of earrings! :P The order just went in so it will probably be a while, but I can't wait!
  15. Yes!

    Tickets to see the Dalai Lama at the University of Buffalo on September 19th.

    Two pairs of jeans from Revolve -- but getting jeans always makes me anxious. Revolve makes it about as easy as it can be though.

    An e-mailnote from my friend. We write every Sunday.