are you expecting an XMAS BONUS...

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  1. Hi my fellow Coachies...

    so i know that its not even Halloween yet...but soon after Halloween its FRIDAY...and it seems like where i live right after Halloween its Thanksgiving decorations for a week then straight to Christmas!! So I know that i'll be getting an Xmas Bonus and i'm on the fence about using it for a new Coach bag for my xmas present to me...or use it for something else?

    Anyone else thinking this far ahead?! hahaha sorry but it seems like i'm always thinking of my next purchase. ECK!
  2. even though my job pays fairly well considering the type of work,...

    my christmas bonus sucks. you start off with $25 the first year you work there (and they tax it) and then they add $10 each following year.

    i've been there four years...

    i use to use it to pay for the secret santa gifts we would do, haha. but they stopped doing secret santa.
  3. Sounds like my Chirstmas bonus.

    My other Christmas bonus is what most people call their Christmas Savings Club. I use most of that money to buy my Christmas gifts to myself, which normally includes a new bag.:P
  4. Ha ha .. I ALWAYS think ahead to Christmas! Mind you, I have to get through Thanksgiving, my birthday, and Hallowe'en first. I will admit that after my birthday, it is my favourite time of year :P. We don't get a bonus where I work, but I do put money aside each month so that at Christmas I can treat myself (which inevitably will include a Coach item) as well as buy gifts for others :biggrin:.
  5. As you can see from my signature, I am thinking about Christmas too! I don't know if I'll get a bonus this year because my company is changing hands in November. If I do, I think I'll use it to buy my husband something good because he promised me whatever bag I want for Christmas! And I think I'll ask for gift cards to Coach from everyone else, then maybe I can get some accessories!
  6. I dont get a Christmas bonus :crybaby:
  7. oh no! well then i'm gonna appreciate my $55!
    sorry you don't get anything :sad:
  8. I get an annual bonus not a Christmas bonus. Mine comes at the perfect time each year, Sept 15th which will be just in time for Fall PCE!! One year I got $20k they took taxes out of it but still......doubt I will get that much this year though.
  9. no christmas bonus for me....we dont get them at cvs (though some of us deserve it for the abuse we take from customers) and i wont get a bonus when im teaching either

  10. Haha, I would take that $55! Granted, my job pays fairly well (for an unmarried person with no kids), but a Christmas bonus would definitely be appreciated!

    Thanks for your sympathies!

    And trust me... if I did get one it would almost guaranteed be used on Coach haha.
  11. oh NICE....wish that was my bonus

    oh yes...some customers are crazy!

    its ok...i'm sure you've been good this year and you'll get something nice from Santa :santawave:
  12. yeah, as a Christmas bonus for me, but I do get two weeks off for winter break :biggrin:
  13. I do get a nice Christmas bonus where I work, and I'd looove to spend it on another bag for myself. But I normally end up using to buy all my gifts for family/friends/co-workers (I work in a small office) as much as I'd love to use my bonus for a new bag, I am sure I will end up using it to buy all the Christmas gifts like always. Christmas is that time of year where I definitely have to put a lot of people besides myself first!
  14. Nope.. I've learned to NOT expect anything from any employers.. just sets yourself up for Heck, we didn't even get our "fiscal bonus" this year.. :shrugs:
  15. No. My company awards annual bonuses based on individual and company performance. Bonus payout time is at the end of the company's fiscal year, which falls in the early summer.