Are you ever torn by which Coach to carry?

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  1. I just love seeing everyone's collections and have wondered how do you EVER decide which one of those beautiful girls you are going to carry every day? I will have 3 coaches very soon as well as my LV black multi Alma and a dooney. My Dooney is the bag I will carry when I know it will not be safe for my Coach's or LV to go. My toss up now is how will I ever carry them? I love them all so much that I want to carry them all, all of the time! :s My problem with bags is I can NEVER settle on just one bag for very long. I always find a different one I must have or just get tired of the one I do have. Has that happened to any of you and if so, what did you do about it? I wish I could collect/keep all of mine but there is just no way my husband would allow it nor is it a smart idea for me to have so many expensive bags that I do not carry. Don't get me wrong, I would just LOVE to keep them all, realistically I just can't!

    I sure don't for see my Carly, Ali or LV going anywhere anytime soon, I am just sad to think about when that day will come. Cause knowing me, it could happen sooner then I would like to think about:crybaby:
  2. I agree 100% to I am dealing with that rite now like do i really need all these bags when I mainly just carry the one ehh..
  3. I have ALOT of Coach bags, but right now I tend to grab either my chocolate siggy ergo hobo or my tobacco leather ergo belted hobo b/c they are the most comfortable and adorable bags I own!!!!!! All my other bags are soooooooo jealous!!!!!!!
  4. This is why I've worked hard to keep myself to only a few bags at a time. If I have too many, I get overwhelmed and indecisive and I seem to enjoy just a few great bags a lot more than a closet full. Plus, my bank account likes it better, too!

    It's hard, though, because Coach keeps coming out with so much great arm candy!
  5. Whenever I get a new bag I almost always sell another one... I have usually only had one bag in the past so to even have 2 or 3 right now is nice! :tup: I never wanted to spend the money in the past and always became obsessed with a new bag so I would get rid of the other one. I am enjoying having a little variety, but I still only have 1 arm to carry a bag on and I just can't stand the idea of having thousands of dollars tied up in bags sitting in my closet.. that is just me, that is not saying it is wrong. I have my own issues with other things. :p I totally know what you mean though because they are all so pretty and they are always coming out with new things.. Dang Coach!!!!
  6. One of my Coach New Years resolutions was to switch bags every month. I have enough in my collection to do that now, and I plan to only buy during PCE so that should cut down my purchasing to only a few bags this year. I went a little overboard last year, but it was fun!
  7. My choc sig Carly is my go-to bag right now. But I do try to rotate through the others...
  8. ALL the time!!! I have way too many bags and I try to share the love... but it is just so hard.
  9. I can't forsee getting rid of any of my coach bags right now. I don't have that big of collection. Right now I switch back and forth between 3 coach bags. I carry my soho duffle to my Dads doctor's appointments. I carry mainly my brown chocolate ergo and sometimes my black leather carly to work.
  10. One of my Coach New Years resolutions was to switch out my bags each week so that they all get worn (twenty-two). I have so much right now that I need to do this so I can enjoy all my bags. I too went a little overboard in the past year but Dang Coach why do you just keep making such great bags! I am only purchasing during PCE so I
    will only have three or four more bags this year. Truly I only want a Carly this year and
    a pleated Ergo -Coach please make a color I want - chocolate brown leather with pink or lavender trim or a whiskey or saddle color with chocolate brown trim. See the link to my collection to see just how overboard I went!
  11. YES, I probably have too many to choose from! I have way too many bags , mostly LV and Coach and I think it's time to let some of them go!:sweatdrop: I have bags with the tags still on them. I have a Multicolor Speedy that I have NEVER used!:wtf::wtf:
    I tend to grab for the same bag all the time but it's time to break out of my habit and show off my other bags. I should shop in my own closet and I'd be surprised what I would find!:idea:
  12. Sometimes I feel guilty if i've carried the same bag for awhile and I want to get something else out. However, I usually have a "bag of the moment" and there really isn't an issue.
  13. I am always trying to figure out what bag to carry.. I am always changing them out.
  14. Right now I have 3 Coach bags ( not counting my vintage Coach ), 3 LV's, and quite a few Dooneys. I have been carrying my Coach exclusively for a while now. I give my handbag overflow to my daughters, that way I feel better about buying them because I know they will go to a good home when I thin out my closet. I know I can only carry one bag at a time, but I still want another Ergo hobo in leather! :girlsigh:
  15. Yes, everyday! If I don't make a selection the night before, I won't get out the door on time.

    Too Many COACH Bags, Too Little Time...