Are you ever tempted but hesitant to buy a non-Hermes bag?

  1. I know this may seem an impertinent question. It seems clear, however, that most folks on this board consider Hermes to be the "gold standard" when it comes to leather bags. Nothing else comes close. Does this fact make you hesitant to buy a non Hermes bag? I find that about once a year I am drawn to something WAAY outside the (orange) box, but usually back off before actually buying. Last year, I was briefly captivated by the YSL double bag in anthracite, after Uma Thurman and Lindsay Lohan were each photographed with it. Since I never do anything on impulse - and fortunately for me there was a waiting list for it at the time - I got over it in about two weeks, and did not buy one. In the past couple of weeks I have been bitten by the "Celine bittersweet" bug - now interested in this in the beigey color in leather. I refuse to pay $1K for such a trendy item, and plan instead to check out the sales and the outlet. By that time, I will probably be over it (hopefully). Does anyone have any non-Hermes temptations lately (and hesitations)? Do your non Hermes attractions usually result in a non purchase (or in a purchase?) If the later, do you later regret it, ie, do your Hermes bags make any other bag look bad by comparison. Or do you like having a range of leather, not all having to be up to Hermes exactitude?

    I recently bought a Coach tote at the outlet mall for a very cheap price and find myself strangely loving it. However, if I didnt already have some birkins, a kelly and a bolide to counterbalance it, I am not sure how thrilled I would be with an $150 bag.
  2. No, can't say I have, I seem to be obsessed with H.:shrugs:
  3. Nope. Each non-H bag that I see, I think of how it will contribute to my next H bag :p
  4. I still want a couple of classic Chanels and a BV! Other than that, it's all H!
  5. Yes - I'm tempted but I usually don't. The only non-H bag I've bought in the last 2 years was a red Epi Jasmin to plug a wardrobe gap.

    Otherwise - nope..... H all the way :tup:
  6. I haven't been tempted until recently. Traditionally the GPT has been great for me in the spring/summer, but with the extended time I'm outdoors now in parks and on trails with DD, I'm looking for a tiny messenger (have been thinking about Vuitton's Amazone or Bosphore PM) and a lightweight and very casual shoulder tote like Goyard's St. Louis.
  7. I have strayed and regretted it. My love for H has been renewed and stronger than ever.
  8. Not tempted by "It" bags at all. However, if I needed a utilitarian tote or a beach bag etc. I would def look at another brand. I am not so wedded to H that I would spend $$$ on something that would be really knocked around.
  9. I always buy a couple of Chanels and Prada each season in addition to the two birkins and wallet I have managed to collect. I am still planning my next H bag, but can't resist Chanel and Prada.
  10. You know, I think those Coach bags are really well made! That said, I got a horrible crush on the Chloe "Edith," but it can't be carried over the shoulder. In the back of my mind, though, I always think of Hermes as an investment, and it keps me from too may infidelities.
  11. There's another thread down below that discusses the similar thing - do we have others -- every day, every trip for me isn't always H appropriate! Pouring rain walking around the city I bring an LV damier bag; have a small LV pochette for something to take for a motorcycle ride...and re-purchased a Balenciaga for an under the radar going to the country in the truck...bag lol!! I'm not looking -- but also know my true love....
  12. What do you mean? Are there non-Hermes bags:shrugs:

  13. No hesitancy when it came to my Goyard St. Louis but ofcourse guess what color I picked?.....Starts with an O....

  14. lol isus!!! :lol:
  15. No, I didn't pick this posting ID for nothing.