Are you ever glad when you don't like the 'new' stuff

  1. There is always something, many things on my want list, so sometimes I am actually happy when new lines don't appeal to me!

    No offense to those who like them (different strokes for different folks), but I am so glad I don't like the new leopard / stephen, etc line or the cruise 2007. When the pictures came out, it was almost a sigh of relief. :sweatdrop:
  2. You are telling me!!!:sweatdrop: Today at the store I almost caved!:nuts: Good thing common sense got the best of me! I left with just one cles!!!:upsidedown:
  3. LOL, yes it is a relief!
  4. It's kinda a relief especially when you are saving up for other things...
  5. yes, it means less money for me to spend!
  6. It is a huge relief, I actually love when stuff comes out that I'm not crazy about, then I don't have to change my plans on the things I already plan on getting.....
  7. definitely a relief!
  8. :yes: definitely!
  9. I am DEFINITELY happy when I don't like them... then I don't have to go through the crazy obsessed phase ,the increased heartrate and blood pressure, and the excitment and nervousness that just takes over me so I cannot even eat.
  10. relieved but disappointed :yes: but the men's collections have been very good every year :Push:
  11. Lol same here. I love to see things I can't wait to get but then sometimes I'm really glad when there are things I don't like; then I can focus on getting the discontinued items I want!
  12. Heck yeah! I was so excited to see that groom line come out because I'm safe for a little bit longer.
  13. Definately - it's one less thing to try and get money for. There's so much LV now that I want I'm always relieved not to want even MORE.:sweatdrop:
  14. It is a HUGE relief!!
  15. lol. yes yes. its a huge relief to me too. if not i'll be breaking my budget when im saving up for a certain bag (i.e. be it cancun or tango)....