Are you ever finished? Do you ever not long for anything else?

Hermes Only

King of B40s and K40s
Feb 19, 2007
Susi, I really want a black 25cm Birkin with gold h/w (of course I ordered one during February 2006 podium but I truly doubt it will it ever arrive...). After that, I think I would be content (at least for a little while). Eventually, I would also like a black box 25cm sellier Kelly with gold h/w. But after that - who knows? I have most of the colors and styles that I longed for but, as always, that is subject to change. Speaking of which, didn't have this same thought about being content about a year or so ago? Since then, you have acquired some mighty pretty bags... :nuts:

Well..I started off with my RG Evelyne PM. Loved it.

Then I have a Podium order coming soon for HAC 36cm Graphite with Ruthenium HW, in Clemence from last February 2007 podium. Just got a call 3 weeks ago regarding my confirmation and will arrive between 3-6 months.

Now..I already know what I want NEXT, Birkin 40cm Etoupe with Palladium or Gold HW. IT would be either Chevre De Coromandel (recommended by tpfer) or Clemence. If my plans to Paris is a GO, then I'll just hopefully get it there.

Ninja Sue: Have you followed up with your SA regarding your Podium 2006 order Birkin Black 25cm with Gold?? Was it for February 2007? The February 2007 Podium is starting to arrive...maybe you should check up on hope you'll get it soon.

Well..I believe, 4 Hermes is enough. Absolutely! 1 Evelyn, 1 HAC, 1 Birkin 40cm, 1 Lindy 32/34cm (Potiron, Clemence...I like this bag...but, I have to see it IRL, before I decide!!)


Jul 27, 2006
with Mr X
I think I have an H bag now for every conceivable occasion and outfit. Right now I have a bag to pick up, and two SOs on the way. But apart from that, I'm DONE! (Though I really could have stopped a while ago...)

There is no magic number, though. It's all relative, and all good. :smile: