Are you ever finished? Do you ever not long for anything else?

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  1. Requested a podium order this last time, and acquired a couple of new additions this spring;) but, other than some neat accessories I can't think of anything else I really want in H.

    Droolworthy pieces show up here everyday.....and my eyes:drool: I always enjoy looking....and learning. But, I feel that unless something I'm not expecting or thinking of absolutely hits me on the head:nuts: that there's no major Hermes on my horizon right now.

    I'm enjoying what I have and love seeing everyone elses newest adoptions.....but no more H bags for *me*?? Is this even possible:shrugs:
  2. It hasn't happened H-wise for me yet since I'm just getting started :graucho: but it has happened for me regarding Balenciagas. I just bought my forth and I think I'm lying low Bbag-wise from now on because I can't think of anything I really really want.

    I think it's great that you are sitting back and enjoying what you already have. It is exciting to be waiting for/lusting after something, but IMO it's equally important to enjoy your collection once in a while so you can fully appreciate it. I feel that many collectors sometimes just keep on acquiring for the sake of expanding their collections that they forget to savor what they've already gotten. :smile:
  3. Susi, I really want a black 25cm Birkin with gold h/w (of course I ordered one during February 2006 podium but I truly doubt it will it ever arrive...). After that, I think I would be content (at least for a little while). Eventually, I would also like a black box 25cm sellier Kelly with gold h/w. But after that - who knows? I have most of the colors and styles that I longed for but, as always, that is subject to change. Speaking of which, didn't have this same thought about being content about a year or so ago? Since then, you have acquired some mighty pretty bags... :nuts:
  4. I am just getting started, but I hope that I will eventually feel fulfilled and that I won't crave any more. But if Shopmom is any indication of where I am headed, I am in big trouble!:P
  5. Finished with Hermes??:shrugs:

    No Way!!!!:woohoo:

    Oh and're in Big Trouble!!:roflmfao:
  6. Susi I feel you. I have acquired all my grail bags and had decided early on this year that I was done with purchases because I was happy and Hermes satisfied. That is until I met Mrs. Lindy. she cought my eye. Now after I get my greasy lil dirty hands on that Mrs Lindy (which I just decided I might hold off purchasing until a Matte Marron Croc Lindy comes along :graucho: ) I will be done for good. I still see bags I crave for everyday (especially here on tpf) but none of them make my credit card jump out of my wallet, kwim? I still desire and purchase small accessories and carres and SHOES, Can't get enough SHOES!!!!!
  7. me too, just started still have a long way to go.. :lol:
  8. ^^^ Thanks LH! I am shuttering at the thought right now!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. Hey Baggs, what color Lindy are you craving?
  10. I advised my SA that I wanted my bag in Black swift or in White Clemence but nw that I might be shifting towards a croc I'm thinking a dark brown (ebene) Matte croc will do just fine. I might have to wait forever for a croc Lindy though. :sad: So whichever bag stops my heart is the one that leaves with me. Hey Maybe I'll get the black swift and still get that crocky! :roflmfao: Gonna have to get a new ebene matte croc CDC to go with that Lindy when it gets here!
  11. it's possible.
  12. Wish I could say that I am done. Don't think I would be honest with myself though. As my life shifts, I find I need other kinds of bags. Things that are casual.
  13. Great point, Sue! Only difference from a year ago is....that I had this strange feeling then......of wondering if I even still even wanted ANY Hermes....again ever:confused1:

    FORTUNATELY....I moved past this point. Always appreciated the quality, still think it's the very best ( save for the ancient craftsman who sits in a corner making for me my very own one of a kind ) and Hermes will always be tops with me. And, I absolutely loved our meet up in Alaska and just had the best time.

    But,I generally don't go out much..... am a stay at home.. love my pets kind of person and don't have much occsion to show off my Hermes in the sense of enjoying carrying it. If I were still working everyday, or if I were a social animal this would probably be different....

    So, it's like Baggaholic said, I've acquired my grail bags and except for the occasional accessory or my Podium order, I feel I'm set to sit back ( or go out ) and enjoy. Baggaholic, please keep us updated on your possible Croc Lindy request. The pic that was posted of one ( this was a runway bag, yes?) was gorgeous!

    And, like you say, maybe I'm "done" until something fabulous catches my attention again?

    But, last evening DH suggested we do an overnight to the Hermes in Charlotte....have dinner, next day do some shopping and come home. I heard myself saying "......hmmm, maybe...":s

    I live the excitement here when someone makes a coveted new find....that's fun! And after seeing your Gold Birkin 25 in Alaska I understand your desire for one in black. I hope, for you, it arrives soon. Is the store keeping you updated or do they have any info at all on it's ETA??
  14. I feel content usually after a bag purchase...such as now - partially because I NEED to be content and cannot purchase anymore bags - am going to try the one per year rule next....I have learned through trial and error what works for me and now that I've acquired one that truly will go the distance, I do feel content. I am happy however, that there are scarves and bracelets to still play with! Still trying to moderate though...
  15. I love all my H items so far but know that I am far, far from done. There are just certain items that I know I couldn't resist. For bags, I really want a box HAC, a 30 cm chevre birkin in a fun color like violette and a Lindy. I also want tons and tons of small accessories. Sigh, my wallet wishes I felt content!