Are you ever ashamed?

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  1. Okay, I don't know if "ashamed" is the right word, because maybe that sounds "snooty" but my brain is frazzled today so I can't think of another more "appropriate" sounding word.

    Anyway, for some reason when I get a new LV, I feel weird until the vachetta starts to turn. It's like I don't want people to mistake me for an LV newbie or worse someone carrying a fake pleather handled purse. (I guess the later assumption would be from someone who isn't that familar with LV or more specific authentic vs fake.)

    I know this is the time of year that we really focus on the less fortunate and I have preached on here before to buy what you like and can afford without feeling guilty and that I am blessed to be able to buy real LV here and there, but why do I feel so weird breaking in new LV? Do I need a therapist? Seriously.
  2. ^I think it is important to find a appreciative of the wonderful things that you can afford to buy and ENJOY them.

    However, if you feel alittle misbalanced, maybe do some volunteer work, clean out your closet and donate to the Salvation Army, etc.

    :smile: I sometimes feel this way as well!
  3. I can SO relate! I just got a brand new mono speedy and it's so new looking and I feel everyone can tell just by looking at it. It's a weird feeling. I don't know how to explain it at all! I love the way it looks now but part of me can't wait for it to get older looking and the handles to get darker so that I don't feel so weird. I wouldn't admit this to anyone in real life! Guess I will join you in that therapy session. :P
  4. I believe that if you are in some way of feeling bad, "ashamed", etc. -- it only means you're human. You're human for feeling things like this, especially during this time of the year. It means that no matter how much we spend on items we want/need...we're still human for feeling bad. It's normal. At least I think so....(I hope anyone understands what I'm getting at because I'm not sure if I'm explaining right).

    If there is a little imbalance in a good deed and pass it on:smile:.
  5. OMG! I am glad that I have some company! I was hoping that since we all love an appreciate LV enough to be in a forum dedicated to it that I wasn't the only one with this "feeling". I agree, it is hard to explain and justify outside the forum to people that aren't into LV.:shrugs:
  6. I agree. This is the time of year to do good and charitable deeds and there are so many people that don't know where their next meal is coming from and here I am feeling bad because I have paid X amount of dollars on purses that have not "tanned" yet and I feel embarrassed to carry them!

    I feel like a real a$$hole for worrying about something so petty, but I can't help it. That's why I was
    wondering if it is a serious mental issue.
  7. Can I join the therapy session??? I Love LV too much!
  8. Aw, you don't need a therapist! I think a lot of us are with you on this. I didn't care so much before, but for some reason it does kind of bug me now. I think it's normal, we all have silly little insecurities.
  9. ...and I thought I was the only one who felt this way!

    I totally share what you feel! Strange thoughts occur in my mind, e.g. if I get my new Pochette Accessoires will people look at the vachetta strap strangely because it's so light?...
  10. I do know what you mean about breaking them in....but only in regards to getting it I want it to be used already so I wont worry about it being so new and worring about it getting dirty so much at first....

    But I think whether something cost 20.00 or 2000.00, if its something to be enjoyed by using it...then it should be truely enjoyed. Its only a "thing" after all and not worth thinking about too much....

    Especially X-mas should be about giving...I do have tons of guilt that I didnt give it priority....this Im going to change.....:s