Are You Etoupe Lover / Owner???

  1. Hi!!!
    Any of you think etoupe is the best colour for a hermes??
    I was quite sure that my third birkin would be red, or at leat bright colour. But I went to the shop to order it in swift or togo...and there it was...
    30 etoupe in swift, just waiting on the shelf! :yahoo:
    What should i do?? :shrugs:
    Take it, as i love that colour?? Wait till red arrives??(maybe in 6 months, luckily...?? )

    Ohh owners of an etoupe.... should i go for it? i looooove that colour. take a look at these pics.... itr looks grey sometimes, brown others... it changes so much...Do you think maybe is too light and it will take dirt in handles??
    Please post pics if you can!
    birkin vb.jpg ETOUPE CERCA.jpg etoupe swift.jpg
  2. I would wait for the red. I saw an etoupe medeor clutch today...didn't love it...didn't even like it. On the other hand. Red is wonderful.
  3. i would really look at other peoples items and then YOU and You alone have to decide, people change their minds on colours, the colour has to be right for you. Good luck with what you decide and there are some lovely pieces to look at.x
  4. Well I obviously love it since that bolide you're showing is mine :p People either seem to love etoupe or really don't and same with swift leather. It's very floppy and soft but it also has a shine to it that I absolutely love. I haven't owned the bolide long enough to really comment on durability but so far so good.
  5. claravi, I love icechick's Bolide in that picture!! :drool:
    I don't own any H bag at the moment, but I do love
    the color. Somewhere on this forum is a picture of
    an etoupe Evelyne that is fantastic!

    If the bag speaks to you and is your dream bag,
    go for it! :smile:
  6. Thank you KellyB :heart: I also wanted to add that considering your reaction when you saw it at the store, I'd say go for it. I had the exact same reaction when I saw the bolide and I've never regretted getting it.
  7. I have an etoupe swift Kelly and the colour of her is maaaaaaagical! It seems to change so significantly in different light, I really do love it. The swift is soooo soft, too. And floopy. I really can't say enough about how much she's stolen my heart!

    As far as the handles go, though, I wasted no time in wrapping it with a gorgeous little complimentary scarf so I wouldn't worry. Now I can just enjoy her, and believe me, I do!!!

    Its the perfect neutral. I say go for it!
  8. What about buying both? The etoupe one now, and then a red one when one comes in in the spring. maybe in different leather eg togo? They are not redundant and you could probably have a use for both.
  9. I :heart: etoupe. I just got a new doggone wallet for the holiday and can't stop looking at it. It is their best neutral imo. I am a little concerned about how it will hold up to dirt floating around my handbag though.
  10. Etoupe is a great neutral. I have a bag in this color but in clemence.

    Swift is wonder squishy leather but the handles will darken/dirty w/o a twilly.

    Good luck!
  11. I have an etoupe birkin in togo leather with white stitching and it's breathtaking. You're right that it's a chameleon/ neutral color that changes hues according to what you wear and how you accessorize your bag (twilly/ silver/gold key charms).

    Personally, I think it's a very subtle, elegant color, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. Either you love it or you hate it, there seems to be no in-between. Since I knew that right now I can only afford one hermes birkin brand new, I opted for what I considered a perfect neutral color. Gold was my second choice, but it's a little too warm imho and doesn't go as well with my existing wardrobe.

    I haven't gotten it long enough darken the handles or dirty it somehow. But then again, I'm a neat freak and wash my hands 15+ time a day. In fact, none of my bags show any sign of wear and all my bags tend to look relatively new. But etoupe should be a pretty durable color due to it's greyish tone.
  12. This IS the color of my next bag...I saw this and asked for it immediately when I was in Hermes such luck in a Kelly..Bummer (but good on my pocketbook):lol: They DID have a ton of other bags in it though...GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  13. Etoupe is my next Birkin40 that's been confirmed for S/S 2008 arrival. I cant hardly wait! It is my favorite color...It was a toss up between Orange H and Etoupe. Im glad I chose this.
  14. I didn't really want anything in Etoupe,but then I saw a Chevre Bolide at the Madison store. It was an impulse purchase,and now I love Etoupe. I really love the Bolide and want one in black, and/or rouge vif,or rouge garrance,gold hw if I can get one.