Are you drawn to certain bag styles? r/o

  1. I find myself loving satchels & totes, probably b/c they're the most structured. I find I love things in all price ranges, but the styles seem to be the same--classic, tailored, or even preppy (probably while I like Kate Spade). Do you favor designers/styles/colors/function, etc when looking at bags?

  2. i like slouchy leather bags, that's why i'm obsessed with balenciaga bags, and now to chanel coco cabas' style.
    i love to carry my bags on my shoulders. i don't like sling bags

    they're different but i think the have a similar attitude :yes:
  3. I also like slouchy leather bags. I am always attracted to distressed leather. Although I can appreciate all of them, I know owning anything other than something that will stay on my shoulder will annoy me in a very short time. Constructed bags are not my "bag"!
  4. I'm also a satchels and totes kind of gal.
  5. me too- satchels...... thats probably 75% of my collection.
  6. I like huge-ness. I love the look of satchels, but they are never huge enough. I'm also a crook-of-the-arm girl. I feel like moms always carry bags on their shoulders, though, so I'm trying to make sure I buy bags that I can carry either in the crook or on the shoulder, so I'll still use 'em when I'm a mom.
  7. Definitely a satchel/ tote kinda of gal. Sounds like I'm not the only one. :yes: I like the security of a big bag, like it's really part of my outfit. Those little clutches and pouchettes freak me out. Like I'm going to lose it in an instant.
    As for style, Love love love buttery soft leather and really attracted to that natural leather tan color. Maybe time to branch out? But can't do it just yet.
  8. I find myself looking at satchels mostly.. or bag with out alot of "stuff" on them. Minimal rivets, pockets, etc.. I guess more classic looking bags.
  9. I'm a bit weird - I like bags that recall equestrian apparel, like saddle. I have the Dior saddle, the Burberry Cinda, and I'd like to buy a Gucci with horsebit detail...
  10. Satchels and totes here too! :yes:
  11. I luv my hobos! :heart:
  12. Satchels and hobos! The leather and hardware are the key!!
  13. Totes and slouchy leather bags. I really like bags that are soft and light weight and I can carry them on my shoulder or in my hand.
  14. Totes! I have too much to carry around to carry anything else, unless it's a really big satchel. I like those too!
  15. I really like shoulder bags.
    Handheld bags are just a bit awkward for me.