Are You Done ? / Is It Over ?

  1. ballet flats
    SO over them (i have about twenty pairs *sigh*)
  2. Waow, that´s a lot !
    Now you mention it I think I am too...I have worn ballet flats almost everyday from march to october, since 2006.
    The only fashion item I bought several of ! (except for jeans)
    They´re just very easy to match trousers, jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts...everything. But I don´t even look at them anymore in shops, I still wear mine sometimes but with not much love !
  3. I think I'm pretty much over the leopard phase. WAY too much this season. I'm going cross-eyed.
  4. I can stomach almost anything, and am all for personal style... except when it comes to Uggs. Classic tall, classic short, classic mini... I hate them all. I hate seeing groups of middle school/high school/college girls walking around all wearing the same exact shoes in the same exact color. Aside from the fact that I think they are hideous, I hate that they are so ubiquitous.
  5. Pajamas in the day time! Never!!!!!!
    Camis as shirts and no bra
    Uggs! Not even on kids! They can't even walk :sad:
    Maxi dresses they tend to look like nighties !
  6. Sperrys/boat shoes in general. I am SO sick of them. Everyone wears them around campus, every single day. They really just are not cute IMO.
  7. Buuuuump!

    I am so thankful that fall is approaching so I won't be bombarded with NEON all the time. I log on to Pinterest and my eyes almost hurt from all the glaring fluorescent pink or lime or yellow pants, jewelry, shoes...I just don't understand.
  8. I agree!! This entire 80s fashion spell has got to go! Floral jeans, neon, high/low skirts, all of it! Ick.
  9. +2

    I hate the "fashion-blogger" style. Black everything (clunky boots, bags etc) with pops of neon for color :rolleyes:

    Also, am I the only one who hates ballerina buns (the ones on the top of your head)? They make people look really ditzy! (I know this is a beauty trend more than a fashion one)
  10. :goodpost: I've hated Uggs since their arrival on the scene (way back in early 2000's). I have cousins that are 30-35 and they wear Uggs in the winter, obviously not knowing that they are NOT and NEVER WILL BE winter boots. They get sooooooo gross after the slush and the salt, they look moldy and misshapen. Not to mention they make your feet look huge--and that's not cute.
  11. I can't believe peplum is back
  12. I know I couldnt believe it either. I thought we were only gonna see them on that character in the Hunger Games but it is all over the stores. I personally like it a little so I ordered myself the vegan leather peplum top. I dont think Im going to add too many peplums to my collection though. Dont wanna overkill the trend.
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    LOL, no you're definitely not the only anti-topknotter! I cannot stand them - and you're right, they just look....ditzy somehow.

    And while we're on the topic of fashion blogger style, I personally am a little tired of the contrived poses and excessive Instagram use! Whatever happened to the good ole fashioned natural smile while looking right at the camera and standing up straight? :rolleyes:
  14. I'm so with you on the high heel thing. First, I have to come out with it and say that I simply can't wear most of them comfortably. And that narrows down my shoe options to a very, very small (and often sad looking) selection.

    I know that so many women can wear high heels, and walk just fine in them. I wish I could too. But (and this isn't sour grapes at all) I find it so sad to see so many women struggling to walk in them, particularly professional women looking like they're struggling to literally keep up with their male co-workers while on lunch break, for example.

    I just wish that fashion could evolve to another place, where women had a range of choices including beautiful footwear that was easier on the body, as well as gorgeous pointy-toed stilettos and platforms.

    I just don't want my destiny to be "comfort shoe" stores at the age of 50.
  15. I know people love them, but I am tired of PEEP TOE BOOTIES!! LOL! Ugh!!! Stop chopping the toes off those otherwise awesome boots!