Are You Done ? / Is It Over ?

  1. I agree, but I just :love: Ashlee's offbeat style. hehe The one thing I hope is going out is hobo, I mean er boho.
  2. Oh No, not stilettos! I want to be burried in my Manolos!
  4. Low riders, I have never been interested in seeing a butt crack!
  5. Oh !!! sorry, except anything by Manolo. :amazed:
  6. LOL! You are too cute! Thank you for saving my manolos!:lol::lol::lol:
  7. I look better in skinny/straight jeans than in flares.

    Cant say I'm for or against any trends. if you like it, rock it.
  8. Uggs anytime of year! :evil:
    skinny jeans:sick:
    bags with lots of grommets or studs *yawn*
    wearing two tank tops at once :wacko:
    low-rise jeans :huh:
    sweatsuits (velour, terrycloth, ....):sick:
    chandelier earings with casual wear:wacko:
    I'll probably get booed for this but ..... all those colored bands people wear to raise awareness for blah, blah, blah :push:
    I guess I'd better stop here. I could go on and on.:p
  9. Kat, I'm reading your post and going "yes...yep...yes...agreed...." I ditto everything you said!
    I think skinny jeans only work if you're built like Nicole Richie (her new figure these days)...but even then, this style needs to go!
  10. Bubble-skirts! Seen a few in the shops here. Yuck, reminds me of being 12.
  11. Hmm.. I admit I have a few of those shirt dresses that should be a dress but you wear with jeans. But it's only flattering on a few body types.. and I'm not one of them. Low rise jeans must go, because I have seen more than enough thongs and g-strings in class. Girls wearing uncomfortable shoes and LOOKING uncomfortable are the worst. Just seeing how they walk, I want to run to them with some plush slippers. Beauty is how you wear it! Although I have a pair of shoes that really pinch! Doh! But I don't show pain. I take a warm foot bath when I go home.
  12. I'm not feeling the skinny jeans trend.
    Uggs are cute if you are 12 or under.
    My major grump is obvious display of butt floss!
  13. Genital flossing of any kind (back or pants so tight they cameltoe)
    Trashy sweatsuits
    Anything ripped, so called rock chick. No dear, you look like a tramp.
    Skinny jeans, in fact, skinny anything.

    Let's do an awareness band against awareness bands.

    But long live the decent looking scrunchies!
  14. Ugh, trackies that have writing across the butt. For the love of God Perja, please tell me that a camel toe isn't what I think it is?!? I'm going to Google...
  15. Did you find ya Camel toe? ;)