Are You Done ? / Is It Over ?

  1. What looks or trends are you done with ?

    Are there any trends you hope will be done very soon ?

    Anything you would like to see make a come back ?/or not
  2. I hate the "skinny tappered jean." I hope that is one trend that dies fast! I have yet to see these jeans flatter anyone IRL!
  3. I am sooo done with the mid rise t-s!
  4. i'm with jag on skinny jeans.....definitely don't suit my body type :Push:
  5. No leggings!! Been there done that in the 80s!
  6. I was never a fan of the skirt with leggings look. It looked cute on Ashlee Simpson though :biggrin:
  7. I agree!!! I don't think they look good on anyone.
  8. I hope MK/Ashley Olsen bug-eye sunnies are over real soon! Don't get me wrong! I like bigger sunglasses, just not ones that overwhelm my whole freakin' face!

    Also, I'm done w/ metallics. I'm not a fan of anything metallic anymore or trucker hats! Thank God that is over with!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I'm with you on all of those. Thankfully I don't see trucker hats anymore, however.
  10. i like the skinny jeans! i got a pair of True Religion johnny jeans in dk pony express and i wore it once so far and got complements the entire day! it made me look really skinny w/ long legs.
  11. I'm with pursegalsf, I hope the skirts with leggings thing ends soon :shame:

  12. I like skinny jeans too and leggings! :smile:
  13. i love love sweater dresses with tights. but part of me likes the fact that it isn't a huge trend (at least not in la), because it makes the style so much more fun for me to wear.
  14. Uggs in the Summer should become a felony 1

    I'm also done with the cuffed jeans and stilettos.
  15. Skirt with leggings, the whole Hollywood "it girl" look ... so waiting for those trends to die!