Are you covered with Paypal seller protection if you ship to another country?

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  1. I am in the US and someone in australia has asked to bid on my LV BH, is it safe?
  2. You have to ship to a confirmed address. Only addresses in Canada, the UK and the US can be confirmed.
  3. I've shipped a lot of items to Australia without any problems. However, they can't confirm their addresses so you are not protected if something were to happen. I've had really good luck shipping to Australia, but just make sure you send the items insured for the full amount of the sale price and via express mail international so that a signature is required.
  4. I live in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately sellers are not protected by Paypal when they ship to me as I cannot confirm my address here. This is why I always ask to pay for USPS Express Mail International, because it includes tracking and insurance, which is safe for both seller and buyer. I've received about 10 bags over here so far, without any problems whatsoever and I'm grateful to sellers that have allowed me to bid. USPS EMI is the safest method and the buyer has to sign on delivery.