Are you content with your collection?

  1. Just curious about others' feelings....are you content with your LV collection at the moment, or do you always feel like you are searching for yet another bag? I feel content right now...for once. I went to the trunk show last weekend and nothing really struck my eye. I am happy with what I have--even thought my collection is quite small. I can now focus my funds elsewhere and I am really excited about that--I am getting a tattoo in about a week and a half (something I designed that is very personal to me and I can't wait!). :shame:
  2. I just started out buying lv so I def. need to fill in and vary it up a bit but can't do it all the same year, lol. Right now I have 2 speedies and the baby pap coming in the mail but would really love some color or shine(red epi or bronze vernis) however I could use a shoulder bag more for practical reasons, so I have to wait for the fun red epi or bronze and get the bv instead. I notice some people here do stick to one design LV makes, like all mono or mostly damier or vernis. I think I'm the type that would like a touch of variety but I prefer the basics of mono and damier overall.
  3. I am!:yes: Finally.
  4. Nooo... definitely not satisfied (with my LV collection, at least)! Well, it's kinda an easy question for me because I only have ONE LV bag right now :crybaby:! BUT I'm waitlisted for a bunch of stuff and planning a few other purchases so maybe I'll be happy soon!! For a while, at least... :whistle:
  5. No. I am a new collector and have a long way to go before I even have the basics covered, let alone a collection that makes me happy.
  6. HA! you mean you are content with your LV collection!
  7. Well, my collection is only the speedy for now! I definitely want to add to it, but I am content with the fact that my collection will have to grow slowly.
    I would like a little from each of the main lines plus whatever LE items that strike my fancy and I am able to get.
  8. I am very happy with mine. I have five bags of varying sizes/functions, two wallets, an agenda (with pen), a cles, a bracelet, a pastilles key ring, two scarves, and a mini pochette. Happy for now.

    If I was wealthier, I'm sure I'd splurge on a couple more things, but I'm not!
  9. I am HOPING that the accquisition of my Denim Baggy will leave me content for at least 6 more months. My goal was to have something mono, damier, azur, vernis, and denim. If I can somehow get my Inclusion Speedy, Mandarin Key holder and Bronze reade then I'll have everything I need for the time being.
  10. Not really....I try to focus on finishing my LE collection...but even when that happens I'll just start fantasizing about something else!
  11. The day I'm content with my collection is when funds are unlimited.
  12. My small collection includes: mono pochette and cles, damier pochette and cles, denim flat pouch, red/creme CB pochette and a few scarves....all the accessories I need!!
  13. Erm, you're missing multicolor.


    I'm getting there. I'm happy with my monogram collection, and I'm getting a Fushia Baggy PM in 9 DAYS. In March I'm getting my first piece of Multicolor, and a new wallet (either Multicolor or Vernis). THEN I'll be happy, until Fall, at which point I'll buy my first Damier piece.
  14. Haha, you can't convince me to buy one cuz I have the MC heart! :yahoo:
  15. Yeah I know...I'm afraid of the chipping with MC and vernis is too delicate for me...but I'm satisfied for now. :yes: