are you comfortable with the shoulder tote being open?

  1. I think I really want that patchwork shoulder tote but my daughter keeps says but its open at the top do any of you carry a open at the top bag? do you have any worries about your wallet? going nuts here I guess I just want a new bag :O)
  2. Hi,

    I love an open shoulder tote b/c you can fit so much in it, and it actually does start to slouch nicely after carrying it a bit. If I'm running errands, I usually keep the dogleash closure fastened, and I keep my wallet secured in the inside zipper pocket. The shoulder totes have wonderful deep pockets that work well.

    Hope that helps!
  3. I love my shoulder totes. i like the way they slouch and they hold so much. At first I didn't think I'd like it then I bought one and now I have three. It's one of my favorite styles!!
  4. I really like my shoulder tote and I like that it's open at the top. I always leave the doshleash closed, a lot of the time on the tightest loop. But, like mentioned before, it slouches nicely, so people can't see inside. It also tucks under your arm nicely, so you're kind of holding it closed.
    It's comfortable and holds a ton and looks great!
  5. Agree with the others. I've got the shoulder tote in leather and always keep the dogleash on the tightest clasp. I've never had any problems and don't really worry about people seeing inside the bag.
  6. it makes me nervous somewhat, the Ergo tote and the sig stripe tote are the 1st ones ive had that dont close @ the top, but they do sit nicely under my arm and here in nyc ill kick someones ass if they come near my bag haha :smile: im not too scared of fellow new yorkers but when i go to europe i knoe pick pocketing is high esp with tourists and so the sig tote i will use but will keep it very close under my arm and i have a small wallet that will zip into the interior pocket for extra safety

    but i just keep them close to me or zip the wallet in the zip pocket :smile:

    Its nice like everyone said tho to have easy access to stuff! :smile:
  7. totally agree. I just bought my first shoulder tote last week...and it took me a day or so to get used to the bag and how it "slouches". Once the bag "softens" a bit (as mine is signature fabric and can already feel it starting to soften up) it'll slouch perfectly.

    I have the patent tote which has the open top...that one makes me nervous at times...because it's a stiff bag and doesn't really close that much.

    But you just have to use your head, KWIM? If you are hitting the mall for a day of shopping (or you are out sight-seeing), use a bag that zips (or a swing pack which, IMO, is perfect in those occasions).

    above all...I'm sooooo glad I got my shoulder tote...holds a TON when I want it too...yet looks perfect fine when not stuffed to the gills.
  8. My first Coach was a Shoulder tote and I didn't like how it stayed open and slouched at all! With the carly it has a zipper and even when unzipped both sides still touch when they're slouching so I like that. lol I don't know if that made ANY sense but, to answer your question, no I'm not comfortable with the shoulder tote being open. ;)
  9. I aggree - at least with the carly you get the option of zipping it when you put it down - but you get the look of a slouchy tote. Best of both worlds.
  10. I would just be careful when you are out with it. Keep it close, putting the wallet in the zip compartment seems like a good idea.
  11. I have two shoulder totes and I absolutely adore them. I do have to be careful due to the open tops, however. I always keep the dog closures shut and don't take them out on super rainy days or when I do business travel. And, I drive extra carefully weird stop and whoosh, everything spills out!
  12. Love the shoulder tote. Things don't spill out, but can look messy! - I like to clip a wristlet on the key thingy inside for extra security.
  13. I've had my wallet stolen before. It was out of a flap/snap closed bag. So I will only carry my wallet in zippered or buckled or otherwise securely closed bags now. I do carry one big hobo with a snap closure, but it fit so closely under my arm that no one could reach in. If I carried an open top bag, I would put my wallet in a zippered compartment or carry a wristlet that could be hooked to a ring.
  14. I find when I carry it on my shoulder it "tucks in" perfectly. When I set it down - I'm really aware of it.

    Have thought for the folks who use a wristie as a wallet - clipping it to the dring could be a good idea.
  15. I love totes, but try and be extra careful about where I put my handbag down. I'm not usually in a crush anywhere that someone could slip their hand in though. If I was commuting like that everyday I would chose a different bag.