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  1. Just curious if anyone else has cleaning issues? I am always cleaning and I think it may be OCD. I mean I would rather be a clean freak.Well this is my first post so maybe I can find others who are as obsessive as me.Thanks for letting me share.Sorry I may have put this under the wrong category.
  2. I feel your pain Mr. Clean. I'm constantly cleaning. When I'm nervous, I clean. When I'm upset, I clean. Darn it, I clean even when I'm happy :amazed: I guess the good thing about it is that I have a clean house :P
  3. Thank you for that. I don't feel so alone after all!My home is sparkling clean as well. Guess I could have worse habits than this.
  4. Give me a cup of coffee, no food and nothing to do and I'm in a cleaning frenzy! BF says I'm scary when this happens. If I feel I need to undertake a huge or particular project (like cleaning up the bunny cages and their area), the first thing I do is drink a cup of coffee and get started as soon as the caffeine kicks in.
    At least BF helps out when I get started on something.:heart:
  5. KMC,That is pretty funny! Too bad I don't have helpers when I go nuts around my basement.
  6. oh my! I will be happy to invite you all to my home for a good cleaning fest! I am not a big fan of the act of cleaning, but I do adore a nice clean home....
  7. Well I actually do a good job on other people's homes and basements.
  8. Well, I grew up with a mother who was severly OCD with cleaning. You couldn't even go to the bathroom during dinner because when you came back your plate would already be washed and put away. Needless to say, I went the other way. I don't obsess about cleaning at all. When I get to it I get to it.
  9. On the surface, it looks clean. I'm neat and organized so that might give a "veneer of cleanliness."

    Cleaning comes in spurts for me: before I leave for vacation, when I return from vacation and when guests are coming over. :amuse:
  10. This is in no way making light of the OCD but is there medication or a solution for this issue?
  11. Yes, the SSRI's can help, e.g. Luvox, etc...and cognitive therapy. HTH
  12. Definitely NOT obsessive over it. But I'm not dirty, either.
  13. I'm into being clean, but for the life of me I can't be neat even if I tried. I'm a germophobe and everything needs to be clean and germ free, but I'm terrible at picking up the clutter around the house.
  14. I am such a clean freak. I have a cleaning crew come 4 times a week, every other day. When I was looking for houses to live in, I couldn\'t believe the filth that some people lived in. I got so disgusted by their dirty basements and seeing crackers on the floor and beer cans all over the place. Its like they didn\'t take pride in where they lived. I finally decided to build my own house. this way I was the first to ever sit on the toilet even. On planes I wear a mask so I don\'t breath in the germs from people that sneeze and cough. I won\'t use a public restroom. ever. I won\'t shake hands or kiss people hello. they think I am being rude, but I don\'t know where they have been.
  15. really take a mask with kissing? What about hugging?
    My mother was a FANTATIC...we could barely sit on the would get up and she would be over fluffing the seat..crazy...I would say Im house is always tidy and clean..but you can sit on my furniture! I do help the housekeeper, and when she isnt here Im always tidying...I like a clean home...but I do not get manic about it...(its never messy enough to get manic!)
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