Are you "chief handbag officer" material ?

  1. I don't start new threads too often but I came across this on Bag, borrow or Steal website as I am looking for a previous season's Kooba patent clutch to buy and I thought this was VERY CUTE. :idea::lol:

    I think every one of you ladies on this Chanel thread have what it takes to be a "chief handbag officer"! Are any of you out there creative enough to make a video telling why you should be Bag,, Borrow or Steals new "Chief Handbag Officer" and submit it? I wish I was the creative type but I bet one of you out there is!!!! Someone from tpf should do this, most of you could win in a minute!!!
  2. That's so cool! I agree that everyone on the purse forum could qualify. We're all crazy handbag lovers here!
  3. That's funny! Do you get anything if you are picked or do you just get bragging rights??
  4. I think they give you five or six bags to actually carry for a few months and then they want you to review them for their blog and write about the bags and what you thought of them...they will be "it" bags du jour I think. They will also give you rental use of their bags for a year, so it is a "real" job so to speak. I think it's hilarios and a great idea personally! I would apply for the job but I think there are others on tpf with bigger badder collections than me who would get this job in five seconds flat! :woohoo: fun huh!