Are you carrying your tokidoki now?

  1. I took my amore for a spin today. The weather is not that great though, been raining all day and I have to cover my amore with the umbrella most of the time. I am so worried that she might get wet :p
  2. I carry my toki every time I go out (I'd like to say I carry it every day given how many bags I needs to use but I don't go out every day!).

    So far I have not had to deal with rain..... I guess the only worry is rain spots on the leather?
  3. You're from Australia right?
    Where did you get your amore? :love:
  4. i use my tokidokis pretty much every time i go out..which is almost every day :] as of right now, i'm using my amore dolce (since the weather's been crappy i didnt have the need to carry sunglasses n other nice-weatherly things)...but today is just gorgeous so im debating over my amore zucca or this new harajuku lovers bag i just bought :p
  5. I use one everyday. I am a huge bag person. I carry a lot of things for work, so I always need something to stick something, somewhere, haha!
  6. i'm about to switch from the pirata gioco to the inferno zucca as we speak, so heck yeah! :yes:
  7. I always use my Tokidoki :biggrin:
  8. Yup, I carry a toki every time I step outside the door. Sometimes it's just a denaro if I'm going to get some food lolz...but right now I'm still carrying my Amore Gioco & denaro :biggrin:
  9. Yup, right now I use either my Foresta BV if I'm wearing neutral or brown tones and my Paradiso gioco or Inferno BV if I'm wearing darker, black tones. My BV's are perfect for my every day use - big enough to carry my A4 folder, granola bars, flash drives, etc. to work and big enough to carry little things I buy when I'm out shopping. I just love my BV's!! :yahoo:

    Paradiso BV still has her tags so I'm not using her yet. Hehe.
  10. i use mine everday!
    right now im using pirata mamma mia & denaro
  11. i use tokidoki about 5-6 days a week. i've been using my playground campeggio for 3 days now, but i just bought a harajuku lovers bag & wallet so i plan on using that next week at least a couple days. & hubby rolls his eyes when i don't use my LV, since i got that in the last couple months also, but have hardly used it...

    but i love my tokidoki tho.
  12. Yups. I brought my Inferno Zucca out yesterday since it was raining.
  13. I use mine everyday. I just switched out of my Adios zucca to the Inferno Bella this morning with my Adios denaro wallet inside.:amuse:
  14. I carry one every time I go anywhere outside of the house. My biggest dilemma is deciding which one to use! I've never had so many choices before!:drool: This weekend I've been using my foresta ciao ciao to go to the baseball fields for my son's games.
  15. Today I took my original print out :biggrin: It was lovely. First time using it. heh.