Are you buying Hermes while sheltering?


Sep 14, 2006
There is a bag I really want and if things were "normal" I would buy it, but because I am going nowhere indefinitely, I cannot bring myself to buy it. I keep telling my husband and he just does not answer me. I need an adult to tell me "NO."

Maybe one morning it will be gone and the dilemma will be over.
Feb 22, 2020
I brought my first 'proper' Hermes Bag (preloved) 3 days before the UK went into Lockdown (I say 'proper' because I actually brought an ancient very very tatty Kelly over 20 years ago that is really too tatty to use but I had to have a Hermes bag and it was all I could afford) I knew Lockdown was imminent and I brought it as a belated 60th birthday present to myself and because it was something to symbolise light at the end of the tunnel-I also brought a 2nd preloved Hermes bag during lockdown because I had the money and realised that I may not have money to spend easily on beautiful things for some time to come ...I work in retail and my income has been badly affected by the pandemic as I knew it would be.
My advice would be-if it will bring you it!
I wore one of my bags for the first time last weekend to a socially distanced lunch and I felt amazing and so glad I took the leap!


Aug 26, 2017
Austin, TX
I don't own any H bags - but still buying scarves I can't wear. It's going to be 100 degrees tomorrow and I'm hosting an open house (I'm a realtor) so I'm going to try and work in a 45 around my neck or a 55 or 70 in the hair. I really should pick up a few twillies - I love a little something in my hair without the bulk of the bigger sizes.

I'm also pulling out my DA NF MM and some new jewelry for the day. I just want any excuse to wear all my neglected pretties... :yes:


Mar 31, 2019
We are in an elevated level of lockdown. Once stores reopened, I waited a few weeks and went back for one visit. I had a very good spree as some things on my list were available and I knew in advance things were on hold for me. I have a wish list bag I would go in for if it became available me but I am not tempted by the new scarves that are in. Maybe I will for in for a CGSM if I know I want it. But I am not going to browse. I am not going back to my old lifestyle anytime in the foreseeable future so everything I buy has to work with this new casual life. But I would don my mask and gloves for a wish list item as long as I can afford it!


Be grateful and kind
Jan 4, 2009
I am sure if you are looking for a "NO" here. The addicts will tell you that we only live once and you have to buy it if it is a bag that you MUST have.
True dat. :lol:

I’m an adult...”NO.” Hope that helps (:

...My answer to the title of your post, however, is yes! I’ve been quarantine shopping quite heavily.
Same here. Since we're not able to travel, which we used to do quite often, I'm definitely finding myself filling up time by shopping and acquiring more stuff. :doh:


Jun 9, 2006
I have purchased a couple bags during lock down and am thinking of purchasing one more. I will be buying preloved and perhaps adding another 35B as the prices seem to be very reasonable, due in part to the small bag trend and also I'm sure Covid. I feel I might kick myself later if I don't take the opportunity to purchase now as later the prices will likely increase and the colors/skins I'm looking for may no longer be available.
I say if you see something now that you love and it fits with your price range, go for it! :smile:
Obviously no help in the 'NO' arena...


May 6, 2014
No, haven't bought any bags during quarantine. I have been offered a few different colors but if I cant look before purchase then I just say no thanks. No need to spend $7-10k when I am not 100% sure of the bag.

I have purchased one scarf and a St. Louis lamp that I apparently said I wanted back in March. This lamp that I asked for and couldn't describe one detail about (much less price) it when I got the text to say it finally was delivered to the store.:whut: Ahh the good old pre-covid days. I did pick up the lamp the one week my store was open for in store shopping.

Though if I was looking for a croc my stores seems to be raining crocs and special bags right now!


Feb 15, 2012
I have not purchased anything Hermes during this time. In fact I have made zero discretionary purchases because I have nowhere to wear anything special or new, now and in the future. When things open up I plan to shop in my own closet since 99% of my closet has been untouched for months. I am also addicted to seeing my bank account the way it is now :smile:. But if you love the bag and want it, you should get it! We are all different and have different wants and needs.