Are you big monogram, medium monogram or little monogram?

  1. I was looking at my bags and just realized a funny thing...although I have bags of all sizes in the damier and epi lines, I realized that I only like regular monogram bags that are either big or little

    Vavin GM
    (which I consider big since it's bigger than the Speedy)
    I also just got a Sac Plat which is pretty big.

    mini pochette accessoires
    cerises pochette
    cerises porte monnaie rond
    2 wallets

    I have the Speedy 25 because it's Cerise. I think otherwise I would've gotten a 35 or 40. :blink: I just think the monogram print is most attractive when it covers either a really big area, or a small one.

    I only say this because now I am considering a Viva Cite PM whichi is pretty tiny and I also remember returning a Popincourt because it was in that middle size stage. Also, when I look at my Damier, I have medium ones like the Salsa and the Papillon but not in Monogram.

    Do I make sense?
    Is it just me or are other people like this too?
  2. I´m just medium or maybe little
    I´ve got in medium
    -citadin damier geant
    -geronimos damier canvas
    -pochette gange mono canvas

    -zipped wallet mono glace

    and my denim sneakers hehe
  3. Yes, you make sense, and I'm sure there are others like you. :yes:

    I have all three sizes of Mono. :yes:
  4. I have all three sizes too. I love the monogram line so if I like an item the size doesn't matter to me.
  5. in the Mono line i think my bags are mainly medium, although i do have big and little ones here and there.

    Batingolles Horizontal

    Speedy 25
    Popincourt Haut
    Manhattan PM
    Musette Salsa

    Pochette Marelle
  6. So far only medium and small:

    Medium- mono pap 30 and mono speedy 25
    Small- mini sac HL and coin purse.
  7. Generally I like my monogram big and tiny.

    -Ellipse Shopping
    -Cabas Alto
    -Cabas Ambre (the original plastic LV purse-it's huge)
    -Bucket GM
    -Speedy 30

    -Mini Ellipse
    -Pochette Secret
    -Round Coin Purse
    -Golf Ball Holder (3)
  9. Hmm..I guess for me, it doesn't matter lol.
    Cabas Mezzo
    Ellipse Shopper GM
    Batignolles Horizontal
    Speedy 30
    Fuchsia Perfo Musette
    Keepall 50

    Ellipse PM
    Cerises Speedy
    Vive Cite GM

    Pochettes from various lines (CB, Cerises, Graffiti, etc.)

    Cerises Porte Monnaie Round
    Cerises Cles
    Monogram Cles
    Monogram 4 key holder
    Monogram Etui Widescreen Ipod case
    Monogram Billfold
    Monogram CC holder
  10. I have medium, small, and tiny monogram. Hopefully I will have a big monogram item next (Batignolles or Petit Noe) :biggrin:

    Medium: speedy 25
    small: small agenda, pochette
    tiny: key cles

    edit: not sure what size my white MC bandeau fits in... small?
  11. all three for me
  12. for monogram, i have more of

    big (Keepall 55, Keepall 60, Cruiser, Alize 3 pouch, Alize 24 hr, Evasion, Saumur, Packall, Balade)


    medium (Excursion, Ellipse Sac A Dos, Vavin GM, Vavin PM, Papillon 30, Boulogne 35, Musette Salsa, Musette, Alma, Speedy 25, Speedy 30, Speedy 35, Amazone, Cabas Piano, Small Reporter)

    and small ones are just wallets, pochettes, spectacle case and jewellry case, that's it!