Are you bags and clothes worth more than your furniture?

  1. At the moment: yes! I haven't invested in decent furniture yet because I'm always moving. I think I'm going to snoop around suburban garage sales in Chicago for our furniture! Now that I think about it, I don't actually have many young friends who have nice furniture, even if they do have fabulous apartments. While my girlfriends and I will spend a couple thousand on a bag, we balk at the idea of buying a new couch!

    Does the value of your wardrobe and handbags outweigh your furniture?
  2. no, no way! My furniture blows away my handbags! LOL!
    It'll change for you too Annie, wait until you have a home you're paying for. Your priorities shift noticeably. I wouldn't recommend buying nice furniture for people that rent and are young, your tastes and needs will change SO much over the next 10 years.
    I don't currently own any of the furniture I bought in my early 20s.
  3. no!
  4. My furniture is definitely worth more than my bags. Having a great couch is always my top priority. Probably because I am such a couch potatoe when I get off work.
  5. me too. i was constantly moving when i was in college. i moved into an apartment after i graduated but i didn't have any $ to buy nice furniture. i finally settled into my own condo 2 weeks ago, so i'm excited to start decorating! i ordered my sofa in june and it should be getting here at the end of's so pretty =)
  6. So true! After buying our house our taste in furniture went a completely different direction.
  7. haha! You know I can't wait to nest! Right now my living room consists of a few fold up chairs and a keg somebody forgot to take with them! lol Hope it wasn't rented...

    I'm pretty excited to break out of the college lifestyle. I don't know if yuppiedom is so much better, but at least our furniture can be upgraded to Ikea!
  8. You know, I was thinking the same thing! My parents are in the process of buying a new place and they're shopping for new furniture. Well, I did some math and it turned out that some of my bags are about the same price as some of the firniture that they're buying. But since I'm still young and don't have my own place YET (hopefully in a few months), I'd prefer bags over furniture any time...LOL
  9. No
  10. ^^LOL! Ikea is PERFECT!
  11. right now, my bags are definitely a lot more than my furniture.. but I am moving to WA in two days (won't be here for a while till I get settled in, I will miss the forum so much)........ bf bought a house so I will be trying my hardest to decorate and put substance into that new home....... and when I start making money (God, I hope to get a really good job)... my furnitures will definitely reflect my style....and will definitely cost more than my bags.. unless of course I get a Hermes bag.. heheh
  12. NO Way!
  13. Very likely.... I'm single and although I live in a three bedroom condo, I haven't seen the "need" to furnish it completely. I think it's mainly because I'm not married, nor do I have the "nesting" urge. I have "nice" furniture, but nothing too pricey. I think I probably spent more on my big screen tv than I did on other items in the house. But I like what I have. I guess maybe I'm more a guy since I prize the tv more than the other pieces of furniture in my place! :P
  14. I agree. It's better to buy the better stuff when you're more settled and really know what you like. I always feel it's better to leave things bare and just buy it over time as well. There is no reason you have to furnish everything right away.
  15. nope. I don't think so.