are you backwards?

  1. How many of you shop for clothes to match bags/ shoes you want to wear most instead of the other way around? I just got my chanel and am already doing this!
  2. Just did this today. Went looking for the perfect navy summery skirt for my navy patent.
  3. I haven done this before but hmmmmm it sounds like a good idea!! :yes: maybe i will try it!!
  4. I do this all the time! I sometimes decide which bag I want to carry the next day...then choose a coordinating outfit:yes:
  5. I am guilty of this one, but outfits are supposed to revolve around a great bag aren't they:shame:
  6. I do this all the time lol! I'll bring a shoe with me to match an outfit to.
  7. ABSOLUTELY !! I re-did my entire wardrobe to match my bags !:yes: :p
  8. I always decide which bag to carry first, and then decide the outfit. Maybe this is actually forward, and others are backwards :p
  9. I have been planning my summer wardrobe around my latest Chanel purchase. Absolutely, the bag comes first! :yes:
  10. well, esp. when the purse costs more than the clothes, why not dress around the purse?! I think I will be dressing "backwards" more and more frequently as my taste in bags have...can i say...become more refined...
  11. sometimes i do feel like carrying a certain purse, and it makes dressing alot easier bc i coordinate to fit that particular purse!
  12. ^ I do the exact same thing!!!
  13. I think most of us are accessory girls! I always pick the shoes and handbag before the outfit. My mood literally determines which shoes/bag I will use. Then I work around them.
  14. lol, I can relate to that. I used to buy clothes to match my favourite shoes before, but since converting to bags, I buy clothes and shoes to match my bags.
  15. We are all guilty of this...LOL....