Are you avoiding the stores and buying online instead?

  1. Is anyone avoiding the crowds at the stores and opting to buy online with delivery instead? I just purchased a PS3 for DH from Circuit City, even though I could literally walk to one in about 15 minutes. I just didn't want the hassle of the long lines and the crowds. I'm paying $12 for expedited shipping to have it arrive before Christmas but I just couldn't bear going to the store at this point! (Well, I also get cash back from a certain cash back site too.)

    Anyone else do this? Or am I just incredibly lazy? :p
  2. I've been a fan of shopping online and especially during the holidays I think it can be a plus because it can be very convenient plus many merchants offer free shipping as well! I've also done my shopping in stores too for this holiday season but if I can't find an item I then try to find it online. So far I've been able to find a few items online that I couldn't find in the store!
  3. Oh heck yeah I'm doing 99% of my shopping online!! This is the only time of year I purposely stay AWAY from malls.
  4. I purchased most of my gifts online last year. This year I actually went to the stores but I had most of my shopping done before Thanksgiving so I didn't have to deal with those crazy mobs of people. Now I only have 1 gift left to purchase, which I have to go to the store, and I'm scared!
  5. Def. went to wal mar tlast nite trying to find a cam for my mom.

    the employees are hard to find and are lazy!!!!

    i went home & bought online.
  6. During this time of year I don't go anywhere near the malls. I do all my shopping on line. Yesterday dh got take-out from one of our favorite restaurants that's located in a busy shopping center. Normally it takes about 15 seconds to get out of the parking lot from the restaurant to the main street, yesterday it took him over 5 minutes, just to get out of the parking lot.
  7. I shop during the week whens its not as busy.
  8. I did almost all of my shopping online this year, i hate crowds!
  9. OMG yes! If I can get it online then that is the way I go. I cannot tolerate the malls this time of year, people are way crazy and RUDE!
  10. i'm so with you, i'll do anything to avoid the malls this time of year!
  11. Yes. I was in the mall last week and I told my Barneys SA that I no longer shop in stores after he mentioned he hasn't seen me in awhile. I'm just too lazy to go out, and I'm sick so it just feels like too much effort for not much gain.
  12. I've done 99% of my Christmas shopping online this year. It's so easy and I google coupon codes so I always get great discounts!!
  13. We did about 70% of our shopping online...and it was a godsend!!! :yes::yahoo: So nice not to have to deal with the crowds, finding a parking at the stores, the time getting ready to go out, etc....(the whole mess). :tdown:

    The last time we bought some things online (as far as for Christmas shopping) was about 6 yrs. ago. Dh likes to buy at the stores instead (ahead of time before it gets too crowdy). Haha...I got him to go with the "online route" this yr.!! :tup:

  14. I am split on it... I did a little shopping in the stores if I happened to be there and saw what I needed. But I made it as easy and pain free as possible. I would go to the mall, park directly outside of the store I wanted something from, pop in, and pop out!

    But I have done a ton of online shopping too! I prefer it- it is easy and hassle free.
  15. I did about 80% of my shopping online this year. It's been wonderful.

    I'll be hitting the mall this coming week to finish up.