Are you asking for anything in particular for Valentine's Day?

  1. I love this holiday!!! Mmmmmm we are going to the Melting Pot!!

    I have a few things on my wish list:

    -T&Co Atlas bar pendant necklace
    -LV White MC Pouch GM

    What about you??!?!:nuts: :heart:
  2. peace and love!
  3. ^Oooh those are good too!!

    I think retail for them is really high though...break out the Black AmEx!! LOL :smile:
  4. Nothing gift-wise. For my SO and I we feel V-day is just too much of a "commercialized consumption" thing. A nice quiet, romantic dinner is perfect.
  5. Nah. BF just moved to be closer to me and, well, he's broke! lol. Suspect a nice evening at home as I have put myself on a spending freeze also. Besides.. it's all about the love and not about the purchases, yes?
  6. ^definitely!!!
  7. YES! a T&CO necklace(return to), but i dunno if i'll get it b/c he's kinda broke right now :crybaby:

  8. I totally agree.

    It seems like every holiday is becoming a huge gift-giving holiday, instead of the simple holidays they used to be.

  9. Me too. Good for you! It's all about the huggings.. not the givens... lol. :p
  10. r u asking for the platinum one?

    that's my dream necklace!!!

  11. not asking for anything.

    i never ask for anything.
  12. I asked for no gifts (I'm going to "pile" the holidays together and get something big at the end of the year, hopefully), but I did ask for a handmade card w/ a heartfelt note from DH. :yes: Might seem a little silly to have to ask for that, but he usually expresses himself in his own way, but this Valentine's Day, I want him to speak my language! :p
  13. I just want my hubby to be home. He left today for a business trip and he'll be back on the 12th. I already miss him!! :love:
  14. Nah, nothing special really. Just that my mom's health gets better.
  15. I'm getting back into golf and asked for a new putter.