Are You an Obsessive Spender?

  1. I was reading a financial article that talked about obsessive spending. The financial advisor said if you spent over 5 - 10% of your income on clothing, you could be considered an obsessive spender.

    I know I spend anywhere between 5 - 6% so I guess I'm borderline. Kinda freaks me out.

    What about everyone else?
  2. Interesting...but what about someone who spends a ton on their mortgage or car or a hobby, rather than clothes? Or someone who saves every penny for a rainy day or investing? Isn't that also "obsessive," using the term in this original post?

    I really don't like being put in a box and labelled one thing or another. I spend what I spend and save/invest what I save/invest and that's it ;)
  3. Well, yes, I definitely fall into that category. I've never entered the real world for jobs though, so I guess it's a little different.
  4. Well, according to that measure, yes I'm obsessive. But I'm working on it. :P
  5. Since my only bill is RENT.. hell muthafreakin YEA! So i guess about 35% at least.. OMG OMG OMG :shame:
  6. Hah-hah! When I read the title of this thread, I thought, "Someone who makes a purchase because they're obsessed with the thing." :smile:
  7. Guilty then!
  8. I don't really think that percentage is accurate. I mean. Depending on what you make 5-10% can be reached really easily! I think a lot more goes into being an obsessive spender than the percentage, like if you save money first or keep putting yourself in debt over spending money on clothes. So I have to disagree with that article because I don't consider myself obsessive at all!
  9. agreed with Blue824.. if you make like $50 000 a year after taxes, 5%-10% is only $2500-$5000 which is not that much..
  10. Damn, I am in trouble if that's the case. :lol:
  11. Yes...on that standard I am obscessive, and should probably seek help right away!!!
  12. 5 - 10% and you are deemed obsessive? ................

    I guess I'm obsessive then.

    But I think the percentage is way low. It's not like you're getting into debt over clothes.
  13. i already know I am... i mean, i buy things even when I don't have a job yet.....
  14. I suppose I would fall in that catagory. But then again, I console myself by saying it's tax deductable! (clothing for work/professional uniform)
  15. Im an obsessive spender, but what's wrong with that? :biggrin:
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