Are you an INK or a BLACK girl? Chime in!

Are you INK or BLACK?

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Apr 17, 2006
I cannot afford all the crayon colors in the wonderful b-bag world and have to decide between searching for an INK or wait for the 07 BLACK. (Both in the FIRST style.)

I think i'm with the BLACK. It seems to be an easier grab and go color? :nuts: But i sooooo love the INK.:love: :love:

Which color are you?
Ink! I think it's a great staple with a twist! I want to keep my collection small (well, as small as possible) so I think I only want this one dark colour.

But people say that ink will never be black so if you really really want something that is black - well, you just have to buy black.

The good thing about picking 07 Black is that you can get it retail so you know it's brand new and in perfect condition! Any wearing or showing of characteristics as it ages will come only from you and your distinctive style and character!
i have to say... black. Ink is a really nice color, but i seem to go back to the simple shades... black, white ... :biggrin:

Black is a classic color, Ink is a black w/ a twist!!!
Definitely black for me. Black may not be rare or flashy or different, but a yummy black City with fabulous leather is the ultimate for me. Love my old black Twiggy too. I tried Ink but I wasn't in love.