Are you an Impulse buyer???

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  1. I am curious to know, who is an impulse buyer and you things carefully before making their purchases?

    I am such an impulse buyer and an certainly learning the hard way.

    My latest impulse buy has to be my baby chloe paddington in Creme. I looked at the Chloe bags all through my trip in Singapore and whilst in duty free I saw the baby paddys and just couldn't go home empty handed.

    Now I realise she is not right for me and I can't take her back !!!!!!!! Looks like she may pop up on ebay soon.

    Before that I bought a black mabel and aqua roxy on impulse and regretted it.

    The few backs I have lusted after and waited to buy have turned out to be my true loves.

    Would love to hear your stories!!!!!! Do you have willpower??

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  2. Absolutley an impulse buyer lol ! I wanted a quilted bay for so long a Mocha one came up on Ebay so I bought it. The same week a black one came up from a seller that I had bought from before so I bought that as well. Although I love it I haven't actually used it yet. Don't know why but its just sitting in the bottom of the wardrobe. Will probably use it over the winter though.

    I am an impulsive person though and if I make a decision thats it!
  3. Oh that is soooo good to hear, I thought I was a freak. :yahoo:

    That's the sort of thing I do!!!
  4. I have no patience - however I will save if I see something that takes my fancy. My main problem has been that the majority of the bags I really like are the ones that are only available via ebay/second hand etc so it is a case of snapping them up when you see them!
  5. Patience is not one of my virtues either. Anyway why have one colour when you can have two :nuts:.

    I'm the same with clothes too. I buy something in one colour think Oh thats really great so buy it in other colours as well!!
  6. yeah me too. If you find something that fits, feel comfortable and looks good.....why not buy it in every colour!!!!!

    I wouldn't beat myself up so much if my mistakes were not such expensive ones!!!
  7. Rascal, I agree, sometimes ebay is the only place you can buy some of the really classic colours and styles.

    But, sod's law, as soon as you make that purchase another one comes along, a bit better condition, a bit nicer and a bit what do you do? YOU BUY THAT ONE TOO!!
  8. Sometimes I am. But not so much with bags more with clothes. I guess my Saskia was kind of impulse since I wanted it in red and suddenly I just got it out of the blue because figured "might as well" in purple. I dont regret that though because I love my purple Saskia.
  9. Exactly ME :yes:
  10. I'm curious now - What Star Sign is everybody? I am a Gemini so typical behaviour I think ;)
  11. I'm capricorn
  12. I'm a little bit of both! My first paddy was an impulse buy - hit "buy it now" 2 minutes after getting more pictures, and I think I use her more than any of my other Chloes! My first baby paddy was an impulse buy too, I love her to bits as well! :heart:

    The majority of my collection are ebay bags though - so i have time to think about it, get them authenticated, get extra pictures etc, before I think about bidding. Usually I add bags to my watch list then change my mind. It's rare for me to decide to bid in the final day or so, or to hit buy it now before thinking it through.
  13. well, she is listed now, but not showing up yet.
  14. Most of the time I'm impulse, sometimes I'll think about it if I think the bag will be around for a while, but if it's the only one or on sale - I'm completely impulse.
  15. Well llson, I have about 20 mins before boarding and went into Chloe and saw there were no regular paddys (what I really wanted) but there were about 5 baby paddys in different colours all duty free with a further 30% off. So in singapore they were S$2100 reduced to S$1400. I didn;t have any time to think about it and thought I would regret it if I didn't buy one so I WENT FOR IT!!!! (Just a pity I can't take it back now!)