Are you already gearing up for the next PCE?

  1. I know it's sad I have all my new stuff from this PCE and im already looking forward to the next one.

    I have already started a new list of items I want. :graucho:
    Anyone else already getting antsy for the next one?
  2. Not exactly... right now my biggest concern is replenishing my savings account. :p
  3. I agree with you there!
    I can't help start a new list though there are just to many cute things.
  4. yep, i am ready to purchasing towards the next PCE
  5. Yeah, I hear ya. I always have a mental list of things I'd like to get. I usually don't start my actual wish list on Coach's website, though, until a couple weeks before the PCE. I know myself too well -- I have no patience and there's no way that I could wait another three months if I found something tomorrow that I couldn't live without.
  6. When is the other one, in June? I need to make sure that I get a PCE card. Any pointers???
  7. :yahoo: I just made my first Coach purchase-- $300 worth of Signature Stripe Demi in black with all the accessories-- and I'm PRAYING for a PCE invite. I went to the store twice in one day. I'm hoping I qualify.

    If you're looking for an AH-DORABLE bag from their new '07 line you should check out the one I bought this weekend-- see below. I'm going back this weekend to get it in brown, too. LOVE it.
    purse.jpg coinpurse.jpg scarf.jpg heart.jpg scharm.jpg
  8. Great stuff Razor! Congrats!
  9. Oh yeah. The new colors come out soon. The new scarf print is something that she wants. I must say the Green and Brown looks really good.
  10. Yes! Especially for the canvas bags! I want one or two of those!
  11. *sigh* No... I am still recovering from this one.:p
  12. buy a lot in the store (full price boutique not the outlet)...if you need to call in an order, do it through the store and not the 1-88#....

    i still have no idea what my next purchase is going to be. :shrugs: well it will be after june because thats after graduation and who knows what ill be getting for that!
  13. i want a hippie bag or mandy if they're still around. some scarves and accessories would also be nice . . . oh and i heard the legacy coin purse wristlet will be back in stock by June so definitely one of those!

    *already getting excited* :shame:
  14. I haven't made a list because I told myself I would slow down after this PCE. I'm just hoping I actually get an invite this time and don't have to ask for one.
    If it's still around, I'd like to get the oxford legacy tote.