Are you allowed to have more than one ebay account?

  1. I only ask because I just sold a bag and when I was looking at the address to send it to I kept thinking. Gee that looks so familar. Turns out it is the same address from the person that sold the bag to me except the ebay name is different.

    Everything is confirmed, she has good feedback on both accounts and she has already paid, I just don't want to get in trouble and get kicked off ebay. What do you all think. I emailed her and asked why she has two.
  2. I think you are allowed to have more than one acct because Ebay has a process of how to merge accts if you have more than one and want to merge them. I know some sellers have both buying and selling accts. But you aren't allowed to have more than 1 acct if you get suspended from Ebay. You can't have or create any more accts in that case...
  3. Thanks!!! Just checking she paid really quick and I want to ship the bag out today.
  4. wait, she dols you a bag, you turned around and resold it and she is the one who bought it from you? that's PRICELESS! did you make money on it?
  5. Nope but she got a great deal both times around. But hey what can you do....
  6. Yes, you are allowed to have multiple eBay accounts, as long as they never interact with each other (i.e. shill bidding).

    I have 3 accounts - 2 selling ID's (I sell 2 different types of items), and one buying ID.
  7. I have 2 ebay accounts. I have had both for almost 7 years. One hardly gets used though.