Are You afraid that somebody could steal your bag??

  1. When you carry out your bag.. Are You afraid that somebody could steal it? Do You carry out your bag everywhere without fear, or Do You make a place selection to <protect> your bag??
  2. Long story:

    I witnessed a purse snatching when my boyfriend and I were walking the dog late one evening. We returned home from a kareoke bar, got the dog, went out and saw two girls walking home from the same bar. They were on the other side of this small neighborhood park when we saw what I thought was just drunken fun happening... I assumed that the guy who got out of the car driving passed was a friend who was hugging one of them (it was far away enough that I couldn't make out what was happening, exactly). Then I heard the girl cry out, saw her bag being pryed from her arms, and realized what was happening. I told my boyfriend to call the police. The dog started barking because she hates violence and I wanted to yell out but was scared the snatcher had a gun or something. We saw them drive off and waited with the girls for the police to show up. We also helped one of them find her heels which she had lost when she was fighting back. I tried to remind them that they were lucky no one was hurt and all that stuff is replaceable but I was really freaked out and scared since the park is so close to my house.

    I can see this little grassy area from my home so it really is in a way my front yard. I also thought my neighborhood was safe and never thought about people jumping out of a car to rob someone (I guess I'm naive). Although I never walk it alone at night, I have walked with another female (like these girls were) and thought that was safe enough.
    Apparently not. So now I don't bring bags with me to the bar. I just put things in coat pockets so that I'm not as easily targeted. Plus, if I'm walking I'm usually doing so with a man or a big group that includes men which makes me feel somewhat safer.

    So I really don't carry much with me when I am walking to go out unless I'm wearing a dress and don't have a coat with pockets in which case I'll bring along a vintage clutch or some type of inexpensive bag. If I'm driving unless I have to walk from my car alone I don't worry about what bag I bring.

    But yeah, witnessing a purse snatching made me so much more precautious and nervous about having expensive bags. While no robberies are "better" than others... they're all violations and all really scary, I'd like to think if it ever happens to me I wouldn't also have to mourn the loss of an expensive bag. Especially since I lack the funds to replace my fanciest pieces because I'm a grad student. It's one thing to lose the contents of a bag but to lose a bag I spent more than a month's rent on would make it that much more upsetting.

    In the winter when it gets darker earlier, I often have nicer bags with me that I brought to work/school as I'm walking home from the bus. I take public transportation daily, to campus and/or to my gym. I live adjacent to a hospital and in a crowded neighborhood where lots of people are out and about at reasonable hours (jogging, walking their dogs, etc.). So usually I do feel fairly safe. But just try to be aware of my surroundings now.
  3. yeah i think im a little bit paranoid, always thinking that somebody might steal my bags and all its contents!
  4. Im more careful when Im abroad or in a park or shady alley. When I travel abroad I always take a bag that I can sling over my shoulder, because you can't really grab them that easily.
  5. good thing about living in a nice little lobsta town on the coast of maine, unless you bring shadey ppl in your HOUSE, you don't really have to worry about things like that ...

    :noggin: *knock on wood*:noggin:

    the crappy thing is we have NO REPUTABLE PLACED TO BUY CUTE PURSIES!

    just stupid TJMaxx!

    :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric:
  6. So, you carry out your bag everywhere but you are worry all the time...
  7. ViciousBliss....not even in Booth Bay?????
  8. I always hold onto my bags tightly no matter what. cause you never know..
    but I never go to empty areas..always in busy malls etc so lots of guards.
  9. Yes, it does cause concern so I don't carry them out at night. I'll just stick my credit card in my pocket if I'm just running out to pick up a few things. I live in Sarasota, Fl and it is a very busy place. Even though I have lived here for 45 years, it is now too big and busy for me...
  10. I do...but I think that this happens to those w/o designer bags too so its kind of an "happens to everybody" thing for me...and it has happend to me and I had my non-desginer purse so.....:s

    I just keep a good look out around me and try to go to places, when Im by myself, that I know is safer....
  11. That crosses my mind quite often when I'm out. I would be crushed if it were stolen, I love my bag.
  12. I don't think it matters what purse you're carrying. You could be carrying a Wal-Mart purse and get robbed. I try not to worry about it and use common sense. I don't walk around at night alone. I keep my purse on my shoulder close to my body and I walk tall. I try to be aware of my surroundings. Usually I am with my boyfriend anyway. Some thieves think twice about making a move when you're escorted by a man.
  13. Yup all the time....I live in NYC and in Brooklyn at that so I'm scared all the time....I've been mugged before so i'm super paranoid
  14. I think a lot of people hopefully wouldn't even know what my bags are worth
  15. I really don't worry in San Francisco. There's lots of designer bags in the downtown area -- so many to choose from! But I don't take a good bag to go out at night or to run errands generally on the weekends.