Are You Afraid Of Being Labeled A Returner???!!!


will work for shoes
Dec 16, 2005
A long time ago I worked the Liz Claiborne dept at Foley's (a division of May&Co) well, we the computers tracked everyone's returns. If someone was a "serial" returner eventually we would not be able to accept returns from them. The register would just prompt us to instruct the customer to customer service - once there a mgr would explain that they were not welcome/able to return any more merchandise to Foleys. :P
Dec 14, 2005
I've heard of stores doing that before. I don't blame them. I went to High School with a girl that bought a really expensive prom dress, wore it and tried to return it. They wouldn't let her return it. She would do this with clothes all the time too!

I've never returned a bag though, only clothes. I only return clothes if they are defective or don't fit right.


will work for shoes
Dec 16, 2005
Jill said:
NO FREAKIN WAY! How can they do that????!!!!!!!!!
I never heard of that...anyone?
I swear it to be true - now, I don't know how much one had to have returned to have this happen; I can only imagine it is a lot of merchandise. Foley's like so many companies have such liberal return policies; I had to return a pair of boots once to nordies; they did not even open the box to be sure I had not worn them??? I was so surprised, what if I had paid cash for the boots and had stuck some sticks in there - it was like they would not even have known it, and I could have left with cash and boots???

At Foley's up in the attic is where all the rejected clothes go; it is spooky up there - I had to inventory it one year, oh the clothes that go up to the attic to die. :weird:

Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
I guess there are extremes of everything!
I personally think it is quite tacky to return something you have worn! Unbelievable!
But even if I have purchased 50 handbags and return only one....I would still feel GUILTY-Dont know why!!!Very strange!


Feb 13, 2006
valerieb said:
At this point, I deserve the "serial returner" label as I have been extremely indecisive in my quest to find the perfect bag. My question is, do the SAs know when a particular client returns a bag? My SA went waaaayyyy above and beyond to find a bag for me and now I'm pretty sure I'm going to return it. Will she find out based on her commission statement or will I remain anonymous? I don't think I will be able to face her if she knows I returned the bag...
Yes, I have friend who works at the NM handbag department. Since they work on commision, they know who has returned what.


Jan 17, 2006
This is why I like to buy on-line. Aside from my occasional Vegas trips, I don't have much time to shop.


En Vogue
Sep 13, 2005
not really. i have never returned anything, ever. i spend so much time thinking about my purchases that when i finally go and buy it, i know i really want it.


Feb 1, 2006
I was at Estee Lauder getting my makeup done, and these two woman came up to the counter an must have been there about the entire time I was getting it done. They were talking with the Manager and neither seemed to happy. But anyways after a while the girl doing my make up says "Those two ladies come in everyday to buy things and return it, I don't think they have anything better to do with their time."


Plisse Me!
Feb 4, 2006
SF Bay Area
Those women sound rather pathetic. When my husband was in college, he worked retail and he told me about how some women would just shop for fun and then return everything the next day. So, they feel like they are getting all this stuff with no intention of keeping it ever and return it the next day and go shopping again.

Personally, it's people like this who drive prices up. Some people just do not have any class.

I hate returning things because I feel like it's wrong of me to do so, if I was so unsure, I probably shouldn't had bought it in the first place but when you're talking about $2000 for a purse, I feel differently about it. I also don't think you should wait months before returning it either. Give the store a chance to sell it in that season. A day or two won't matter... couple months will.

Anyways, my two cents!


Feb 5, 2006
Yes-I have returned... um several bags:smile: Most of my shopping is done online so I don't have a chance to see everything IRL. I live 50 min away from any decent shopping so it can be difficult to go. I guess the good side of that is that I don't have to face any SA:shame: ! But the shipping charges sure can accumulate:lol: