Are You Adopted? Is Your Child Adopted? Meet the Biological Family?

  1. Just curious since I am adopted. I am 35 yrs old now but I was adopted when I was 30 days old into a good family and I always knew I was adopted. Had ups and downs but just being adopted has affected my life in a very big way. Not always a good thing. Met my biological mother about 6 years ago, it didn't work out. Anyone? Experiences? Feelings on this subject? Comments? I am very curious. :wondering
  2. I was adopted the same day I was born. My parents are wonderful and I'm very thankful I was placed in their family. I'm 37 now and I always considered finding my biological parents but never went through with it. I don't know why...just worry about what I'll find out I guess. Now that I'm older, I do wonder about my medical history. It would be good to know what things run in my blood.
  3. I have a few friends that are adopted and their families are so loving. It makes me want to adopt my own kids someday, because of the happiness they bought to their lives.
  4. My mother had me w/ another man (it didn't work out) and my dad adopted me when I was only 1 1/2 years old. I didn't find out until I was in jr. high, wish I would've been told sooner (my parents did what they thought was best). I've never tried to find or reach out to my biological father, my dad was a wonderful dad and that's all I ever needed. I understand a person's longing to find their biological parents, I just never had that feeling myself.
  5. My mother was adopted when she was about 30 days old. She grew up hearing whispers that she was adopted but she didn't really care about it. She had no desire to find out who her biological parents were because the only people she really considers her parents are the ones who raised her. When her father died, her biological father came out and she doesn't want anything to do with him for reasons I understand but will never understand completely as I am not adopted.

    BF's best friend is adopted and so far he has no desire to seek out his biological parents. He just got married and all. He's happy in his life and there's nothing missing in it so there's no need for him to I guess.
  6. A friend of mine was adopted and just last year he went to find his biological parents. It wasn't a happy ending. His adoptive parents found out and the Dad kicked him out, so he moved in with the biological family. Then the adoptive parents wanted him back and he was torn between the two.

    In my family my gran adopted three children, my Mum's brothers and sister (my auntie and uncles). I think only one of them has met with their biological mother (they all have seperate biological families) but it didn't go well. The three of them are just the same as all my Mum's other brothers and sisters (she has 10 in total!) they're a huge loving family.
  7. My Dad and all 3 of his sublings were adopted.
    My Dad was adopted when he was about 12 months old. When he was in his early 30s we went searching, but hit a roadblock getting the paperwork...all he could find out was his real name.
    Then we encouraged him to try again in his 40s....and he found everyone. Turned out his biological Dad was deceased. He flew out to Edmonton to eet his Mom and she is an alcoholic who asked him for money for a bottle when he met her. He hasn't talked to her since.
    He met his biological sister....they don't talk.
    He met his biological half-sister (who used to be a stripper) and they don't really talk.
    The only success: He met his brother...turns out they were friends in high school and lived 2 blocks away from each other! They are the best of friends now!!!!!!!

    On a sad frandfather tried to adopt all of my Dad's biological siblings and the agency said no! Things were really messed up in the 50s I guess (my grandpa ended up adopting 3 other children).

    I am glad my Dad did it. He always wondered and now he knows! He still has a fabulous relationship with his adoptive Dad (adoptive Mom is deceased) and his adoptive siblings!
  8. I love this thread. I'm always curious on this subject. I myself was not adopted but i want to adopt someday... However, i'm alwayz concerned with the adopted kids wanting to look for the biological parents.
  9. I don't know anyone who was adopted, and I am not. But I do plan on adopting someday.
  10. Helped a friend find her biological mother. They are taking it slow and talking on the phone before meeting. Both seem to be afraid of reality meeting the fantasy child/bmother image. Has to be hard for all involved.
  11. Two of my nephews are adopted-they are 10 and 5 and came from Russia, so, nothing there yet about looking for bilogical parents. Plus, being from Russia and all, not sure there is much of a chance of them even finding their bio parents if they wanted to when they grew up. As for right now, they both know they are adopted and are both fine with it-both nice happy kids.

    I also know 3 adults who were adopted as infants. Two of these people are in their 30s and are married to each other. The male partner of the couple has met his bio mother (she looked for him about 10 years ago), and while he said it was nice seeing her and getting to learn a bit about his ethnic background and bio dad, he has no interest in having any sort of relationship with her. He told me that he has a good life, a good family and already has a mom and dad. His wife was adopted at 17 months from Korea. She has never met any biological family and also has no interest. She is very close to her parents and older brother (who happens to be the bio child of her mom & dad) and says she has a fulfilled life-doesn't feel like she is missing out on anything.

    Then I know a woman who is 41 years old and was adopted as a little baby-she is married now and has an adopted son. She is also very close to her parents and has never looked nor cared to look for her bio parents. Her son, who her and her hubby brought home at 4 days old, is now 4 years old and also knows he is adopted. They don't foresee any issues with it with him either.
  12. One of my mom's brothers is adopted. He was adopted at the age of 7. He came from a very sad homelife... and never considered himself "one of the family". My mom's parents gave him every opportunity to have a great life... offered to pay for college, sent him to a great high school, and just gave him as much love as they possibly could... but, I think he was too scarred from his prior experiences to benefit from his new family. We haven't heard from him in about 10 years :sad: :sad:
  13. Thank you all for your replies. I love to hear about everyones experiences. Thank you. :flowers:
  14. My sister is adopted & she knows her mother. We are an all inclusive family & try to do Holidays together. Sometimes people change a lot as they grow up & now her birth mother is in a place where she is able to share her love & life with the daughter she gave away. It was akward for a while, but I wish everyone could have as many loving people in their lives as possible no matter how they are related. I have a half- brother & three ex- step sisters who are still family, it works for us.
    My cousin adopted two children.They are teens now, but haven't reconnected or expressed any desire to do so yet.