Are you addicted to shopping? The 7 signs.....

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  1. 1. Do you go shopping to cheer yourself up, and end up buying things you don’t need?

    2. Is your wardrobe full of clothes and shoes you never wear?

    3. Worse, are the tags still on some of the items?

    4. When you buy a present, do you buy another one for yourself, or, worse, forget all about buying it for the other person?

    5. Have you ever bought a dress or shoes that didn't fit just because you “loved them so much” or “they were such a bargain”?

    6. When you visit a ritzy department store, do you know the layout by heart and exactly where each department is?

    7. Are you afraid to open your credit card bill?

    Im 4 out of 7 - so i think there is hope for me :yes:
  2. YES TO ALL 7. But who cares!!!!
  3. 6 out of 7. ayayay. i have problems :sweatdrop:
  4. No to all 7 :nuts:

    I do quite a bit of online shopping and I'm usually on a quest for something specific.

    Last week a Diamond Pinky Ring. :graucho: I bought it!!!

    When I go to a mall I typically know exactly what I am looking for and the trick is to find it. :graucho:

  5. NOPE, me neither. HATE shopping... except for paddy bags.:P
    Do ALL shopping online, REALLY CRANKY if I have to set foot in a store.
    I won't even go to the grocery store unless absolutely forced.

  6. Ellie ~

    I am the same way. Although I will go to the mall when all the kids go back to school on a weekday morning. I really try to avoid all of the rude crazy people

    I go to the grocery store either early in the morning of late at night. I have even gone to the grocery store at midnight. :wtf: Its really peaceful at that time of night.

    I really don't enjoy crowds!

  7. I second the grocery store thing! I love ASDA cos its 24 hour we usually go around midnight and have the place to ourselves!! :biggrin:
  8. Kitty... I don't like crowds either. But, I don't think I'd enjoy shoppijg even if the stores were completely empty. It's just not something I have ever liked doing. And why GO and mess with all of that if you can order it online and have it delivered?? I had a friend who had a grocery store that accepted grocery orders online/fax and then would deliver. Now that would be "a perfect world" IMO!

  9. Ellie ~

    We have the ability to order grocerys online and have them delivered. The problem is that I am to fussy with my produce and meat. I want to be able to look it over personally (Touch and Smell). :nuts:

    I do buy most other things online. In fact, I do all my Christmas shopping online, usually in my pj's. :graucho:

  10. Well, I woiuld LOVE online grocery shopping. We RARELY cook at home, so I could care less about produce & meat. I just needs drinks, snacks, and all that other "dry goods" type stuff.
    HA! I did all my Christmas shopping online also! And had it gift wrapped and sent directly to it's recipient. Ain't it GREAT!!?
  11. I'm 3 of 7.... but I know I'm addicted ( went crazy) to something I am begining love!
  12. This is so weird.....I am only 3 out of 7 but I am a self confessed shopaholic!!!
  13. I think I am more addicted to getting deals. I will go out to shop if it means good deals. I HATE grocery shopping. It is my DH job in our household.:yes:
  14. I know I have a problem with a need to shop. But I can shop a lot and never buy a thing. Most (90%) of my purchases are well thought out and researched. I LOVE that part - almost more than the actual purchasing. Saturday I bought - on impulse - a great full priced top that was quite flattering. I don't NEED need it. The tags are still on. I can be good and take it back. But before I accept any laurels I have to say that I just bought another bag this week - a Balenciaga. And two weeks ago I bought a Miu Miu. There is this crazy need to buy BAGS only. The high used to last me at least a month but it has turned into two weeks and might be shorter. THAT's what worries me.
  15. How embarrassing! ^That is not susie talking up there - it is ME! I forgot she logged on when she was visiting earlier. But she COULDA said a lot of the same stuff - LOL!