are you abnormal....?

  1. Carry out this test. Just follow the instructions as quick as possible but do not carry on reading the following questions before you finish the previous one. You do not need to write the answers, just do it using your mind. You'll be overwhelmed by the result...

    How much is :









    >Scroll further to the bottom...

    You have just thought about a red hammer, haven't you????

    If this is not the case you are among 2% of the people who have a
    different" if not "abnormal" mind. 98% of the folks would answer
    a "red hammer" while doing this exercise.

  2. i thought of a PINK hammer instead of red... gosh what does that mean??
  3. I thought red hammer!!!!!!!!!!!!! =0
  4. yellow hammer
  5. i thought about green screw LOL am i totally abnormal, i wasn't even thinking of hammer!
  6. BLUE hammer!! but I already knew I was weird :p.
  7. Blue spanner!

    Damn it, I always knew I was a bit off the wall and I think this has just proven it:roflmfao:
  8. Orange Hammer.. I don't mind being in the 2%! I embrace my abnormalness lol.
  9. Purple hammer! Strange that we all thought of a hammer out of all the tools out there!
  10. I get just a hammer in Red.
  11. what is it about adding those numbers that makes people think about a hammer?
  12. me: red hammer

    my nine year old son: green jackhammer ...

    why hammer???
  13. wait wait, first a plain black calculator came to my mind and I said to myself "no, no, not calculator." then came the hammer, a red one. hmmmm.
  14. me too! when you think about red, and pink are pretty close colors. kind of.
  15. I thought purple hammer. Weird.