***Are You a V.I.P?***

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  1. I am curious to know if anyone in here has a VIP status at a high-end store? If so, What store? What do you have to do get it? What are the perks?
  2. I wish!:blink:
  3. Yea...wish I knew!!!
  4. I wish!!!
  5. I have a Nordstrom Signature Visa card. I earn 2 points for every 1 dollar spent in Nordstrom and 1 point for every 1 dollar elsewhere. But that's nothing "special." I do get invited to special shopping night events where I can earn 10 points for every $1. And with 2000 points you get a 20 gc. But I don't think this makes me a VIP. You just have to apply for the card and qualify. I think this, at most, makes me a pseudo-VIP, lol
  6. Thanks for your response ladies.

    I hope no one is offended by this thread. It's just that when we spend what we believe is alot of money at a retail store we sometimes want to be rewarded. Apparently, I am not spending enough to get an VIP invite but I was just wondering how much I would have to spend at certain stores in order to get some good perks. For example, I wonder what it is like to be a V.I.P for LV. Do they know the release date on the Damier Speedies? Do they get it at a discounted price?

    Well, if anyone is willing to share any info they may know about getting a VIP status, please feel free to share. If not, I am okay with that too.
  7. I don't think anyone will be offended....they will probably be more than happy to fill us in...because it will get the companies more business anyways! :P
  8. Ha ha... I have that same c/c too! I think this is probably the closest for me to be anyone's VIP. :lol:
  9. Thanks for your response PurseSlave. I am glad you are not offended. It is just that when people write something and others read it, some people may have different interpretations about it and find something written to be offensive. Examples: Questions like how old are you or how much money do you make---ooh I have seen people ask these questions in-person and seen some people erupt volcano style. So I just wanted the members to know I mean well.
  10. I'm a VIP at Louis Vuitton here in Munich but that's just because I spend a small fortune there within the last 3 months so all SA know me. I do have my favourite SA and we became very good acquaintances. Sometimes we go for a coffee. So therefor I could get hold of the limited edition things and I'm invited to presetantions whre you get the little presents. I always calls me when they come in before they are put on the shelf. I think I've this status because I'm not one of those Maximilian chicks who give the SAs a hard time. It seems that they like people better who really love their products and collect them over those who just spend $$$$ and don't appreciate them.
  11. I'm not one, but a woman my mom used to work with was one with LV and a few other brands (I don't remember the others). Basically, they sent her stuff letting her know of stuff early. Also, she got first pick of limited edition things. She is the only person I've ever known in real life to have a cb papillon. I don't know how much she spent, but she always bought at least two of everything. One for herself and one for her daughter. I wish I could tell you more, but this woman now lives in FL.
  12. I'm sorry but what's a cb papillon? :huh: I know what the papillon looks like but what's the "cb" line?
  13. Cherry Blossom. They were pink flowers with smiley faces. They came in pink/pink, brown/pink, and creme/red(flowers, the other 2 were pink flowers). It was just :love:.
  14. I've been a Neiman-Marcus InCircle member for about 15 years. I think you need 5,000 "points" annually now (it used to be 3,000) where you get a point for each dollar spent, although sometimes there are promotional days (such as your birthday) where you get double points. There are different levels, and I've only gotten to the 10,000 level a few times. (I think there are at least a couple of million pointers every year!)

    I'm really awful about paying attention to the right days to shop for double points, so I only got around 6K points in 2005. At each level, you get to choose from a set of gifts. I went for the $125 gift card. They also send me vouchers for lunch for two in their cafe during my birthday month, and of course ALL of their catalogs (it's like 60-75/year), and invitations to trunk shows, private shopping nights, etc. I can't even remember what else is available but if you google for InCircle I'm sure you can find it.

    Saks has a similar program and I've achieved their minimum a few times but for some reason don't shop there as much as I used to.
  15. I'm a VIP at a few boutiques, one of my SAs at Dior told me so straight out :lol: The parties/shows are fun, but its nothing toooo special. The shopping experience is definitely more fun though. Other boutiques would be Chanel, Fendi, LV, and Escada. Not too sure if I'm still VIP @ Fendi after that spy fiasco, but not a huge loss if not lol. I'm InCircle @ NM as well, I want my free trip this year damn it!!!! :nuts: