Are you a user or a collector?

  1. There was a thread like this in another sub-forum so I thought why not ask the same question here: Do you use your bags soon after you purchase them? Do you sell them when you get bored? Do you buy them just to sit on the shelf in your closet?

    I am def. a user! 99% of the time I end up walking out of the store using the bag I just bought!!!:lol: But I do find that I somewhat tend to collect as well (so far the only bag I got rid of is my mono speedy 30 because I didn't like the sag:shocked:) and I do like to buy limited pieces as well.:smile:

    How about you? Are you a user or are you are a collector?
  2. I saw the other thread too... good idea! Well I'm mostly a user. Two LVs I haven't used yet: the CB pochette acc. - I want to keep it as beautiful as it is :love: but I guess that is silly? It's made to be used :shame:The other one is my new blue mini pleaty :love:. I have had it for a week and it has been raining and cold all the time :rant:. But I will definitely use it soon I hope!:yes:
  3. I think I may be a bit of both. I rotate a lot my bags but I have a tendency to try to keep the more expensive ones in very good condition and take care of them. I have other bags to "kick" around and use more often but i like to break out the nicer, designer ones only on occasion and place them in their sleepers and boxes when I don't use them.
  4. I guess a 'user' as I only have one LV piece and can only imagine ever wanting maybe a wallet to go w/ it.
    I personally could never tie up money in handbags I rarely use, so I may never really be a 'collector'.
  5. I'm mostly a user. I'll buy a bag and wear it then it'll be retired when my next purchase comes along. I do have some key "pieces" that I use every day but mostly, it's a new replaces old thing.

    I'll keep most of them because I have no other choice (little resale value). That's why I abandonned temporarily my quest for a Cerise pochette. I wouldn't want to use it to bits.
  6. I'm a colllective USER! LOL!! I collect them to use them!:P I switch out using my bags depending on my mood and which bag I feel like using. Sometimes I'll use one particular bag for a month or more, a wk...or just a day or 2. Until I get bored using one, then I'll switch to use another. :amuse:

    I have never sold any of my bags nor will I ever. I enjoy knowing my lil collection is growing and growing. I have never bought any of my bags from anyone/eBay, etc. Only from the LV store. I just like to know I'm the only one that's used it. Is that weird?!? :rolleyes: Maybe that's just me..anyone else?:blink: LOL!
  7. I don't mind lovingly used bags at all. What I hate and avoid of course are dirty bags and bags with a bad odor... otherwise, no problem! I also prefer bags with a honey patina, the light vachetta doesn't do it for me ;) I also prefer to save a few $$$.
  8. i'm somewhere in between. there are some bags i use more than others, but in general i don't want them to get too dirty or patina too fast, so i rotate ALL my bags so that my LVs aren't always used too much
  9. Definitely a user. I feel guilt when I have nice stuff I don't use.
  10. although i'd consider myself a collector, im a user too. some more than others though. depends on my mood, the weather and what im wearing :P and i buy to keep. i don't think i'll ever sell any of them.
  11. I use all of my bags and then sell them or give them away when I get bored with them.
  12. User/collector.....never a seller!
  13. I'm a bit of both.
  14. I think I'm a user too. I only have 3 bags so I do use them all. I would love to be a collector too though!! Maybe someday!!
  15. I'm mostly a user, though with LV I am becoming a bit of a collector. I do try to choose pieces that I know I can get a lot of use out of :smile:
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