Are you a thread hijacker?

  1. Do you find yourself asking questions after someone has taken the time to make a thread? Do you find that your questions end up turning the original question upside down? If so, you may be a thread hijacker.:yes:

    I occasionally ask questions pertaining to the original question, but I try not to get out of hand with it. I think if that person took time to write the thread, they probably want answers. I sometimes wonder how we get soooo off track in some of the threads.:lol:
  2. That's a good point elongreach.

    I was listening to Tim Gunn's podcasts tonight on bravotv and he spoke about the other designers taking half of the bobbins or threads out of the machines.
  3. Sometimes! But on the contrary, if it goes off topic and people are arguing, I tend to try and steer everyone back on! LOL!

    I like natural conversation flow, so I like the hi-jacks usually. . . but not if someone goes on a tirade . . . that's disrespectful IMO.
  4. Am I a hijacker? Sure...much more so in the General discussion section than the others.

    I don't mind a little rambling if it gets brought back 'home' and onto topic in the end; for example I might share a related life event that may relate to the poster's topic but always try to specifically add my thoughts in response to the question.

    Now, if anyone has any concerns about any of my posts getting off topic, please PM me and rein me back in :yes: .

    So yes, to summarize, I'm occasionally guilty of this :girlsigh: .
  5. That's me. Sometimes I'm like, hello? Let's move on back to what the original question was. I'm thinking of a few threads in Chanel.
  6. I have a tendency to start talking about other things in threads and to rave on about something completely different, but I try to stop myself when I see it happens. So yes, I consider my self a hijacker.
    Maybe we could get our own thread for gossip and small-talk here in the general discussions category? I've noticed that many other forums has that, and it seems quite popular...
  7. ^isn't that what this Forum is for? Small talk, chit chat?

  8. I agree, Swanky! I can't think of any threads in the Chanel forum that elongreach might be talking about, but I haven't been in as much lately!
  9. I don't have a problem with hijacking for the most part. I have an issue when people start arguing about stuff in a thread that it has nothing to do with. If we're laughing and messing around that's fun. The drama is never fun especially when it has nothing to do with the Original Post.
  10. ITA elongreach. I don't think I hijack that much. In fact I don't mind too much when others do it. But when someone totally takes a thread off topic to be rude, correct someone, or contribute absolutely nothing to the forum then I get ticked off.
  11. I don't think I hijack threads.

    Angelica, what kind of puppy is that in your avatar? He's so cute. I love puppies.......
  12. I don't think she's referring to Chanel or anything in particular:shrugs:

    I think we're all probably slighly guilty of it at one time or another. . .
  13. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I have probably hijacked a thread every now and then. Stick 'em up :ninja:

  14. Its Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!!!!!!

    Oh there I go again! Back to topic - Sure I think I have done this in the past. I always find myself asking additional questions. However, I am officially going to keep an eye on myself to stay on point.
  15. LOL not to hijack, ;) but he is my family's newest addition Vinny the Lhasa Apso. He is a resue dog. SORRY ELONGREACH LOL! It's OK to take a cute doggy break, right? ;)