Are you a spring/summer/fall/winter gal?

  1. I just have to ask, what season is your favorite, and why?

    I hate summer and winter! Summer in Nebraska is hot, hot, hot! And winter (combined with hella wind) is cold, cold, cold! So, I am a fall and spring girl! I love color, and spring brings out the blossoms of whites, pastels and I LOVE that!! And the fall brings out the browns, oranges, yellows and some red, depending on where you are!! I am a color fanatic, and not to mention a weather lover (there is nothing better than a great rain storm) and the spring and fall are great for that!!

    So, how about you? :flowers:
  2. fall and winter....
    spring and summer is when my allergy is acting up.... :tdown:
  3. definitely Summer.. I was born in June and I just LOVE the lazy days of summer!
  4. im a winter girl. i love snuggling up on cold dark nights. and the fashions in winter are always more luxurious colour and fabric wise.
  5. I'm an Autumn lover. There is nothing more beautiful than a golden, red, orange leaf floating in the wind. And also the air just smells so clean and crisp. I hate Summer with a passion.
  6. Wow, so hard to decide! Here in the Great Northwest we truly have 4 distinct seasons (although perhaps our summers are shorter and not typically as hot/humid as other areas!). I love the changing seasons!

    But my favorite times are late summer days...fall fashion in the stores (and in my closet ready to go!), sunflowers are tall, blackberries are ripe, and maybe a few leaves just starting to turn color. It's just magical! I also love the late winter with the promise of spring right around the corner...a few bulbs coming up even through the frost on the ground (and resort wear to look forward to!).
  7. Spring and Fall. The weather is just AMAZING.
    Summer-Toooo friggin hot!
    Winter-Egh, I like to snowboard...but I HATE the cold...doesnt make sense huh?
  8. I love Spring and Summer!!!

    HATE the winter!
  9. A fall/winter gal...absolutley! I'd much rather cover up in a cool turtleneck then try and keep cool in summer fashions.
  10. I love Love winter I was born in December..... and besides your make up gets to stay on!!!!!.....
  11. I love the transition seasons. I LOOOOVE autumn because there's nothing better than sweater weather and the leaves changing and a nice spiked apple cider. But then again, spring is great after a gross winter when all of the flowers start blooming and it gets warmer...:smile:
  12. I love Spring and Fall in SC the best; winter is not my fun time anymore, and summer I don't mind very much!
  13. Summer! I looove hot hot hot weather!
  14. Summer & Fall!

    Spring makes me depressed with all that rain and Winter is just so freaking cold outside!!
  15. i love all seasons but having to choose: i will say spring. you still have the year ahead of you, it is warm enough but not too hot and all flowers are in bloom. also the days are getting longer. ah, summer has come too fast again...