Are You a Softie?

  1. I'm just wondering if I'm the only freak here who takes chances on eBay bags that state they've been used, there's stains here and there, etc etc all under the assumption that you can "save the poor little orphan unwanted bag's life"??

    That's me :p I like a challenge I guess...I've always been a restoration person; first, I restored teddy bears for other people. Then, vintage sewing machines to, COACH for me to use!
  2. If the deal is good enough, I'll sometimes give it a shot

    I just got ink out of my metallic coach, it was an eBay bag and I didn't notice the ink at first so I'm not sure if I did it or she did, but I tried the qtip in rubbing alcohol (although I didn't have any alcohol so I used face astringent), and it worked like a charm! Ink came right off!

    I just had to share that, maybe it will work for someone else. It didn't mark the leather or take off the metallic finish, risky and I wouldn't condone it for everyone, but I thought it was worth a shot
  3. was it "Sea Breeze"? That stuff will strip paint!
    (heheh - jk!)

    I've bought a quite a few used bags off ebay...but I've gotten major stains/imperfections. (one gallery tote I bought, I opened it up and then emailed the seller "did you even USE the interior pockets? they aren't stretched out AT ALL!"

    I dunno...unless it's at a pretty good discount, I personally stay away from heavily soiled bags...
  4. hahaha! Seabreeze! Junior High School anyone? I'm surprised I have any skin left after the stuff I used to put on it. In this case, it was proactiv, looking back I can't believe I did it, but it worked. I must be nuts :biggrin:

    the one thing I wont buy is suede, bad bad experience on ebay with suede. I'm not big on it to begin with because you have to baby it, but I would only buy it new.
  5. I prefer brand new bags to be honest. I like to be the one to break them in.
  6. Unless it's a really good deal I steer clear.
  7. "gently used" or "used 2 times" is okay with me.. I won't buy a bag that has heavy use.
  8. Gently used is as far as I'll go-- something that was carried maybe twice. More than that, I steer clear.
  9. I run along that vein normally too..but it's sort of like, if it's something I HAVE to have, I want it brand new. If it's something I SORT of like but don't want to invest in it, I may buy an orphan off ebay to see what I can make of it.
  10. I can't bring myself to buy a used bag. NWT is my search word.
  11. I bought a LV vintage speedy on Ebay that had a red stain on the inside. When I got it, I turned it inside out, scrubbed it with Tide and let it dry out. She is perfect now! And I think the red stain was Kool Aid-or something similar!:p

    I draw the line at things that are "beat up" though, to me it's not worth it, if anyone is going to beat it up, it has to be me!
  12. awww, i like how you said you like to restore things. i admire that. it is a wonderful thing to save a bag from previous wear and tear and make it your own. it gives it more character! really. some people just dump their unwanted used things and they're like new treasures for other restorers like you. give you pats on the back.
  13. I don't mind buying used if I know for sure you can't get it anymore, such as older Coach bags, like the waverly etc. I have been lucky and never recv'd anything that looks overly used.
  14. I can't say I would have the talent to restore something but I may take a chance on a bag that I think I can fix up a little if its a really good deal. Plus, at the place I am in life right now, I have to accept the NWT and perfection aren't always available to me. So I just have to do my best with what I can.
  15. I'm the same way. :yes: Unless it's a completely sold out one and nothing else is available, but I need it to be *perfect*.