Are you a shoelady or a handbaglady?


Are you a shoelady, handbaglady, or both?

  1. I'm a handbaglady, but not much of a shoelady

  2. I'm both, but more of a handbaglady

  3. I'm totally BOTH!

  4. I'm both, but more of a shoelady

  5. I'm a shoelady, but not much of a handbaglady

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  1. I've only recently admitted to myself that I have a love and appreciation of handbags... admission is the first step, right? :yes: Then I realized that I love accessories in general - handbags, jewelry, shoes, scarves, hats, etc.

    I've also observed that most ladies are into either handbags or shoes or both. I thought I'd start this poll to see where tPF ladies fall (esp since there's a seperate subforum for shoes - I haven't ventured in there yet!). I'm not asking about dollar amount spent on handbags or shoes, but more about how much you think, research, get excited - basically OBSESS - over an item.

    So... are you a shoelady or a handbaglady - or both?
  2. 100% handbag lady!
  3. Im deff a handbag lady!!!
  4. The problem is, you get one, then immediately start thinking of the ideal other to match your new acquisition, and this occurs even though I am rigorous about the don't-buy-it-unless-it-goes-with-several-things-I-already-have rule. :confused1:
  5. Both for me!
  6. Both!:s
  7. Both, but lately I've been more into shoes!
  8. I love both but I'm more of a spendthrift when it comes to handbags.
  9. Handbag and shoe lady. When I get a bag I want the matching shoes to go with it.
  10. used to be a shoe i'm a certified bag addict
  11. I'm both, but more of a handbagandjewellerylady

    I love my Chloe, Jimmy Choo and D&G boots and shoes, but I love, even more, mixing glam with casual and handbags and jewellery can be enjoyed even when I'm wearing my comfy LFA ugg boots! :biggrin:
  12. I do love both but tend to linger and drool over handbags a lot more and my cc shows it!
  13. I'm both, but more of a handbaglady !!
  14. Shoes came first. Handbags are nicer because you don't have to worry about killing your feet.

    I think most of my shoe purchases now are Dansko.
  15. Used to be a die hard shoe addict, but since joining tPF, I'm more in to handbags. Partly also because where I live (Gothenburg, Sweden) it's mostly cold & rainy or even snow, so shoes get totally ruined.
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