Are you a San Diegan?

  1. I bought my Speedy from another PF Member, Tanja and we passed PMs back and forth since then. I called her up in Munich today and we talked for over 2 hours! It was SO MUCH FUN!! And she was so NICE and inspirational!

    I was thinking, there must be members closer so I can go and actually grab coffee with or have lunch with sometime....

    Anyone interested in a get together here in San Diego?
  2. anyone?! I can't believe no one wants to get together for some coffee and chat? :sad:
  3. I'm in San Diego... There are others. Maybe the San Diegans are too laid back for a meeting?
  4. awwww I looooove San Diego! I have 3 brothers who live there. Too bad I'm all the way on the other side of the country.
  5. maybe.... I don't know if we need a full on formal meeting.

    More like grabbing Starbucks and a quick chat?

    Okay, no biggie! :smile: Just thought it might be fun...
  6. I'm in SD too...!
  7. im in La Jolla:biggrin:
  8. How is San Diego anyway. I've never been out there, but I've heard really good things. I'm looking for a new city to move to in a few years.
  9. me too :lol::lol:.

    San Diego = very laid-back, everything you want to do is spread out but it`s all there, from shopping, the beach, bars, etc. Usually it`s fabulous weather but today was a bit gloomy :Push:. There are very pretty houses in Carmel Valley and Sorrento Valley, from what I've heard the school district is pretty good but I`m definitely not the most knowledgable person since I`m just a college student :P.
  10. San Diego is awesome. Very laid back!! Weather is better than most. Practically blue skies all the time. No humidity (very rarely) Nice consistant weather throughout the day and most of the year!

    Friendly people, great shops, restaurants, and gorgeous beaches. And of course we have the largest Marine Corps and Navy base on the West Coast! ;)

    I am lucky to live here! It's a great place to be! :smile:
  11. Wah! I used to live in San Diego: did my undergrad education there and worked in the biotech industry for a few years. Now I'm in Nashville. Just no comparison at all (no offense to Tennesseeans)!
  12. I'm a San Diegan too! Definitely up for a PF get-together
  13. me three! im from LA but i go to school here (UCSD! :biggrin:)
  14. I was from San Diego and still go every so often. Will actually be heading down sometime next month to pick up some stuff. Maybe we can meet up at Fashion Valley?

  15. YAY!! Let's.... Let us know when you will be in town and we can try to work around your schedule! :smile: