Are you a pants girl or a skirt/dress girl?

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  1. Or do you like both equally? :wlae:

    I personally love wearing both, but I probably lean slightly toward pants. I especially go for pants on lazier days, or days when I know I'll be running around a lot. But I wear skirts at least twice a week to work, and a dress at least once a week. I wear even more dresses in the summer - I'm addicted to cute, casual summer dresses. :yes:

  2. Pants definitely!!! My husband ruined skirts for me, by telling me that I had chicken legs many years ago....but whenever I do wear a skirt, I get compliments on my legs :shrugs: :shrugs: , maybe the DH just didn't like all those minis!!!
  3. Honestly I can't stand wearing skirts/dresses. I'm a pants girl all the way. Especially since I'm a stay at home mommy I love my jeans.
  4. for work, i prefer dresses/skirts. for days off, i go for pants all the way!
  5. At heart, i am a skirts/dresses girl. For over 4 years i actually swore of pants/shorts/capris of any kind, hehe :smile:
  6. I live in skirts, than again i don't wear pants outside of the house for relgious reasons.
  7. Def skirt/ dress girl.

    Although!! I've been loving the shorts look :yes: LOVE being able to wear tailored shorts to work. It's just such a great look IMO.
  8. In the summer equal amounts of skirts and pants, but in the winter pretty much all pants.
  9. definitely a skirt or dress girl!
  10. I used to be a big jeans person. I could dress up some jeans. But now I'm a really big dress fanatic. I didn't know that I looked so good in them until now.

    Maybe it's because I don't wear sneakers as much as I used to.
  11. I love both. Love dresses/skirts but some days pants are just warmer :yes:
  12. I wish I wore dresses and skirts more often... but I'm a pants girl. I rarely wear skirts except in the summer... I've been thinking of changing that though, lately been drawn to lots of dresses but I haven't been buying them yet. Maybe one day I'll act on this and actually change to a dress/skirts girl!
  13. I'm usually a dress/skirt girl but lately I've been so into pants and jeans!
  14. Definitely a skirt/dress girl also!
  15. I am a pants/jeans girl for sure!!

    Unless it's short skirts, my legs are too skinny to look good in skirts :sad: