Are you a one-brand-er or a collector of different brands and why? Please chat away!

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  1. I tend to own "it bags" of different brands. I like carrying different brands. Some people stick with Chanels and LVs. Please chat away... what you like and why...:biggrin:
  2. I am not loyal to any brand. I buy what appeals to me.
  3. I buy whatever I like regardless of the brand.
  4. I find that I drift towards certain brands/designers because they consistently bring out things I like and if I had to name favorites I could name them, but I'm not fiercely loyal to any of them.
  5. ^ Same, i have some favourite brands but I won't not buy something just because of the brand.
  6. I'm definitely not loyal to any brand... I buy what I like... I find sometimes brand loyalty can blind people and make people buy stuff that they don't actually really want or stuff that don't suit them just because of the brand... it also closes the opportunity of getting the best bag for me if I'm just obsessed about one brand and not look around more...

  7. Agree. I work at Banana part time on the weekends (just for the discount), so I usually shop there because I get a big employee discount. It is very hard for me to shop at other locations and pay full price lol.
  8. I tend to repeat brands cause I like certain fits and styles:

    Handbags - Valentino and Marc Jacobs

    Clothing - Juicy Couture (I know, I know, but I think their clothes are cute and whimsical!) and BCBG

    Shoes - Coach, Ugg, and Kate Spade

    Jewelry - David Yurman

    Undergarments - Victoria's Secret (they SERIOUSLY have a monopoly on the underwear/lingerie market. Why can't someone else open a mid-price undergarment store that's just as successful???)
  9. I repeat brands also. I have about two other brand handbags (a vintage Prada and something else) but my main brand is Fendi. As for clothing, BCBG slacks for work have come to be my favorite and now I have just discovered Maison Martin Margiela so I tend to stick to the same brands.
  10. I tend to stick to Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and Marc by Marc Jacobs.
  11. I used to choose just one bag from a designer so I had a variety of brand options, but eventually those were sold off and only the Marc Jacobs stayed. I haven't bought from another designer and kept it in years, MJ suits my style perfectly.

    For clothes, though, I have no real loyalty to any one designer. I would love it if my wardrobe was exclusively MJ or MBMJ and I do have a few pieces, but at this point in my life I can't afford to re-do my entire wardrobe. Right now all my clothes are Tahari, BCBG, Calvin Klein, Lilly Pulitizer, Michael Kors, or DKNY and I'm slowly replacing everything.

    Shoes aren't even worth mentioning except to say they're not worth mentioning. I live in $2 Old Navy flip flops and keep the pricey heels in their boxes to look at once in awhile :P
  12. I buy what I like, regardless of brand.
  13. I buy what I like. Preferably, I buy what I absolutely love. If my jaw drops and my eyes sparkle, I know I will not regret buying something even if it is pricey. For clothing, it also has to be comfortable and on sale. I have no problem with quality store brands, but I will not pay a premium for them (I'd pay more for a real designer brand item if it's a brand I admire).

    I do find that certain brands cater to my taste, and thus I own a LOT of that particular brand. Calvin Klein for clothing, namely. The clothing feels good, looks good, and is priced very well on sale. Thus, my large CK wardrobe. (, every single shirt I've bought in months has been CK!)

    I am much more loyal regarding WHERE I shop, as opposed to WHAT I buy. Macy's is my go-to department store for apparel, while I never really shop at their main competition (Dillard's).
  14. I buy what i like. But when i'm totally in love with something i'll buy it in different colors (e.g. Alexander Wang Rocco/ Balenciaga Giant City).
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    In the past year I have tried several brand but discovered this are my brands

    Bags - (first and formost)- Coach, then Gucci and Valentino..

    Clothes - it is not a brand but where I buy them - Chico's, Filenn's Basement, & Nordstrom..

    Shoes - Coach or I go to Filenne's also..