Are you a one-bag woman?

  1. When it comes to bags, I've always been a one-bag woman. I carry it everyday, no matter what I'm wearing or the occasion, until I find another bag that catches my eye. Old bag goes into the closet and never come outs again.

    Are you like this or do you rotate? Just curious what everyone's style is, especially since so many ladies here have very extensive (and gorgeous!) collections.
  2. I don't try to match but coordinate colors and styles. Also what is appropriate for where I am going.
  3. I've been rotating my bags every month. If the bag I'm using for that month matches my outfit, then great! If not, I don't mind.
  4. sorta. i have been using carly since end of nov and rotate w my swingpack. i might have 2 or 3 on the go a season
  5. I'm a one bag woman! Always have been. I buy one bag for the season that is a good versatile everyday bag and wear it until next season then I buy another new bag. Although, since joining this forum, I have made MORE purchases than I would normally..then I feel guilty for having new bags sitting in my closet not being used so I sell them! I just can't get myself to switch out bags daily/weekly or even monthly so FOR ME, having 1 good bag per season works well.
  6. By nature I am a one bag woman because once I find something comfy I stick to it but I make myself rotate because I'd never use all the bags in my closet if I didn't! And there aren't any that I want to sell so I must use them!
  7. I use one for a while and then I switch, but I take them out again and reuse them. They are too expensive to sit and never be used!
  8. Well, I was until my DIL ranskimmie got me hooked on the PF! Yay!!
  9. I used to be and then I discovered tPF!!! Now I rotate my bags daily. Yikes.
  10. when i rotate, its due to the weather, if i had more bags i would def. rotate more often
  11. No! I have been obsessed with handbags since I was in grade 5. The more the better :smile:
    I will carry one for a few days, I change depending on the weather, mood, and what i'm wearing.
  12. I rotate based on my mood, weather, and occasion. I usually never worry about trying to match what I'm wearing. Although I'll admit when I just got my black Coach leather jacket for Christmas, I had to change back into my black Legacy Shoulder bag just b/c they look so classy together!
  13. Welcome to the forum MIL ranskimmie.
  14. I have a bunch of bags. I have 3 Coach, multiple Old Navy/Walmart/Aeropostale type bags, and like, 6 Kathy Van Zeeland ones.

    I like Coach Totes (the size) but find that after about 2 weeks I have to dump them because I just toss stuff in and it never finds its way back out!

    I don't really care much about matching bags to outfits.
  15. I definitely rotate my bags based on weather, occasion, what I'm wearing, etc. If I didn't, I'd never get around to wearing all my bags! I have some sitting in my closet that have never seen the light of day! They're still waiting for that right occasion. I have way too many bags, haha. ;)