Are you a natural beauty or an all-made-up kinda girl?

  1. So I have a random question.

    I have been getting away more and more from eye shadow and blush and all the other make up additions and tonight, DH commented on how great I look without all that stuff!

    All I've been doing is putting on a moisterizer, using a concealor around my eyes, loose powder all over and killer mascara. That's it. And I am loving my new look!

    So that made me wonder, what kind of a girl are you? Are you all about keeping your natural beauty or using lot's of make up? I was never a foundation girl, I wonder if that's why?
  2. just for everyday i wear a power and thats it.... when i go out i wear concealer, powerder, shadow, mascarra, and gloss. I never do TOO much
  3. I usually don't bother with make-up anymore but there are some days where I would "doll" up just for kicks, usually when going out of state or going to some classy malls for serious shopping. Otherwise, just the lipstick or lip gloss will do. In my mid-teens to late 20s I couldn't leave the house without decent make up, now I just use a good moisturizer that gets rid of most of my skin flaws and head out au naturale :p
  4. I usually just wear mascara, bronzing powder and lip gloss!
  5. I'm sooo NOT a natural beauty. Without makeup, I'm a ghost, with undefined, bland features....and that's just getting worse with age. I'd probably scare small children if I walk out the door without makeup.

    My skin is OK, but at the very least, I have to wear eye shadow, eye liner, and a little lip gloss. I am the antithesis of "natural beauty," unfortunately, and wearing makeup helps me feel prettier and more confident. But fortunately, my hubby loves me for me and doesn't complain when I'm makeupless around the house.
  6. It depends on the situation. If I'm at home on weekends or just running around doing casual errands I will keep it natural.

    BUT, folks, I DO NOT do well in the natural look AT ALL. I envy those who can throw their hair in a clip or pony tail and look fabulous. That's just not me.

    I don't need to be OTT, but I do look and feel better when I've got at the very least a little foundation, loose powder, mascara and lip gloss on at minimum. I have very ruddy and translucent skin (not sure if you can tell in my avatar but that's my Scottish ancestry), so I need a little help to minimize the red cheeks and under eye circles.
  7. I don't even consider myself a beauty with makeup. I'm just me. My goal is to just look like a more polished version of myself when I put on cosmetics. I just even out my skintone, add a little color to my cheeks, and put on a little lipstick. I'm not one of those girls who spends 30 minutes contouring and building up my face like a painting.
  8. I never got into makeup so I'm an all natural girl. Sometimes I'll wear a little eyeliner and blusher but that's for special occasions. I would like to wear more makeup though, everyone seems to have so much fun with it and I'm clueless.
  9. Definitely not a natural girl here. I've been wearing makeup since I was 16 every day. I was definitely not blessed with perfect skin, and makeup helps make my skin look that much clearer.
  10. I am addicted to mascara, but can't really wear anything else because i touch my face constantly throughout the day! I'm also a big fan of lying on things - couches, cushions, clothes, people (LOL!) and I'd be covering everything in make up.

    I sometimes wish that I was a make up girl - I've seen some beautifully made up faces!
  11. i only wear bronzer, blush, and mascara. sometimes eyeliner, it really just depends on where i am going. if im going out with friends to bars or something then i throw on eyeliner.

    i NEVER use foundation/eye shadow/lip gloss/lipstick
  12. I am a make-up girl. I never wore any kind of make up until my first year in college. I also collect makeup other than handbags.
  13. i am a natural all-made up kinda girl ;)
  14. I try to wear makeup as I look washed out without any. minimum lip gloss, concealer and foundation then some eyeshadow

  15. ROFL! :roflmfao:

    I'm kind of the same. I've been told that I look the same with or without make up...just more tired looking because of my dark eye circles when I go without concealer.

    But personally, I think I look better and more like..."myself" (I guess it's how I wanted to be perceived: clean, fresh and polished) when I wear makeup, which consists of: concealer, loose powder, mascara, lip balm & blush. Sometimes I'll throw in liner and shadow but not every day.