Are you a MOM/MAMA with HOT style? What makes you HOT?

  1. I am a wife and mother and really think I have style, I know I am not the only one. I think my style is unique in ways that others cant pull of, even some younger than me...Plus, my daughter likes to walk around in my heels, and ask for my stuff..I think that makes it pretty hot!:yahoo:
  2. Im a wife and mom, too- who rarely goes out- but when I want to look my best, I wear my tried and true best look- either a chic, simple dress or fittted jeans with a sexy top, a bold necklace or bracelet, killer shoes and (of course!) an awesome BAG!
  3. I have no clue what most people would consider "HOT", but I'm a mother of 3 mostly-grown kids, and a business woman, and would consider myself to be stylish. I never leave the house without makeup and hair done, am always dressed well (love jeans, but would never EVER leave the house in sweats) and, of course, always wear cool bags. My husband says that I always look "put together", which I take as a compliment. I go out of my way to buy clothes that are unique without being trendy. That means I spend a lot of time clothes shopping, but since that's my favorite hobby ever, that works out just fine!
  4. I'm a mama, but by no means "hot".
    I carry a killer bag, but dress VERY casual sans killer heels!
  5. I'd like to think I am a hot mama. Make up, nice heels or boots, and the perfect handbag are always a must for me.
  6. I'm the mom of three little kids, and the only time I really feel hot is when I'm trying to keep them from jumping too close to the fireplace!:p
  7. HAHA thats like me! My huz and I went out to dinner alone for the first time in over a year and it was so fun! I love my kids but its great to get away sometimes, too. How old are your 3? Mine are almost 2, 3.5 and 6.
  8. That's me too! Except I only have two (2.5 yrs and 10 months)...let me tell you, they keep me hopping. Style doesn't even enter the equation--I feel "hot" when I actually get a chance to shower :throwup:.
  9. I also go for a great casual look that is not so stay at home momish (even though I am.) I like to take care of myself by exercising every day and keeping my self "put together."