Are you a lover or hater of Gerard Darel's infamous 24 heurs bag

  1. I have done extensive research on tpf on Gerard Darel and the infamous 24 hour bag. My conclusion is that while many ladies on here love the bag immensely, others were less than impressed and quickly returned their bag, due to lackluster leather, a sense of lower quality, and ultimately a bag not worth the money. At the same time, I have read glowing reviews of this bag; that its fabulously under-the-radar, the leather is wonderful, the size is perfect, and that it makes an excellent everyday bag.

    It really seems to be an even split to me, of those who love the bag and those who hate it. I would like to buy a 24 hr. bag in chocolate but am apprehensive after the things I have read. Bagachondriacs experience in particular was very informative and eye-opening, and has kept me from buying the bag.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this bag, and of the Gerard Darel company. Do you love it, or do you hate it?
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  2. I bought a Gerard Darel 24 Heures bag in black, on sale for $199. I would not have paid more for it, and am pleased with what I got for the price. I am not as leather crazy or discerning as many tpfers. I find the black leather to be just fine. I like the bag because it is light, can fit over my shoulder or be hand held, and it looks chic. That said, when I put it on the floor, it splays out like an amoeba, and I find that less than attractive. Because it is so formless, you have to really search through it to pull out what you need.
    I enjoy my bag. I don't revere it. It is great for travel, to put in a suitcase and use on arrival, because it is so flat, slouchy and light. Never wrinkles or looks the worse for wear. I don't know that I would pay a lot of $$ for it, but at $199 on sale, I am happy. I hope this helps. I definitely don't have a cult for it. I think the advertising and Jane Birkin made the flurry over this bag. It is definitely French BCBG. Bon Chic Bon Genre.
  3. How much does it retail for? If you like the shape, but are hesitant to invest the money because you think it might not be worth it, you might want to check out Tano's Sex Bomb. Veeeery similar in style at a (I assume) lower price.

  4. Gung, that bag is really cute, sorry i can't help with experience but I'm interested in it too now :smile: The Amoeba comment is cracking me up though lol! My new HH Mercer satchel does that. i set it down and it deflates lol.
  5. Continuing on my thoughts... I find it to be a normal, okay handbag. Nothing fab, incredible, amazing. Just nice.
  6. Haha I know what you mean about the HH Mercer Satchel dollyrusso! I have been carrying my Ink Mercer and it does the same thing. Like someone let the air out of a balloon. But I still can't get over how soft the leather is. I really love it.

    GUNG, I really like the bag you posted, but have to say I like the Tano Sex Bomb much better :tup:. But this is me lol...
  7. hmm i really don't like this bag. it looks so blaah and cheap. in paris EVERYONE has it (and by everyone i mean middle class people :sick:)
  8. Well I am sorry this handbag flattens like a pancake. It looks nice but I sure can relate to the amoeba issue my last purse (Not a GD) collapes in a puddle as well.
  9. I think one explanation for the differing opinions on the leather qaulity is that there apparently are different quality versions of the bag floating out there. There was a whole thread on the shop rumour bags and I think someone found out that they were of a lessor qaulity than other GD bags.
  10. i love them. i'm getting a black 36-hour from delcina mid-March and I can't wait. all i want is a classic black bag for when i need a black bag...something lightweight, good quality, and without a lot of embellishment. that's all i ask for :smile:
  11. um what's with the barfy face and middle class people comment? I'm sure you're offending a lot of "middle class" people right here on the forum. That's sotastelesssounpretty

    Anyway I've been wanting at least one Gerard Darel since reading comments about it. At least one to see what the hype is all about and to round out my collection.
  12. ITA with Lionlaw. That was exactly what I was going to mention. GD made a step-down quality line for the US, and that's the one most people are complaining about. In comparision to the version sold in France, it was much thinner and cheaper. I saw some pictures in some threads with the older GDs, before they made this line available, and it truely is stunning.

    That said, this bag had made me drool and got me giddy for a good amount of time. I still love it, but my interest has weened down for three reasons: I have a Kenneth Cole that has a similar shape to it, so I can't pull the trigger to fork up $500+ dollars. I have never touched it IRL, but the one time I saw a girl holding one, my blood pressure shot up. And at their price points and my budget, I think I would only buy it on sale. Some lucky bugs here got it for CHEAPP.

    Btw, the quilted version for '07 is sooo ... :drool:
  13. Right?!!! I kept thinking--"good thing we don't live in France!" :graucho:

  14. GUNG it looks a bit like the Matinee with all the pockets and compartments don't you think?
  15. That briefly came across my mind too, but I think the barf was referring to her statement about everyone in Paris having the bag, not about the middle class people- so the face should have been outside the parentheses. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and believe it's just an honest grammar/ punctuation error.