Are you a leader?

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  1. I was just discussing this with my boyfriend. I'm definitely not. It might be a confidence or insecurity thing, but I prefer when someone else is in charge and I follow along (especially in work situations). It worries me, though, because I wonder if I'll ever be able to work my way up in my career to a Director position (in the distance future, of course).

    How about you?
  2. I'm not a leader either...I don't really like making decisions or delegating tasks. I don't think I could ever be a leader without being too bossy.
  3. I can be either. I like to be a leader if I definitely know what I'm doing, makes sense lol. If I'm not sure how to go about alot of things, I'll definitely try to be a follower. I feel like I'm really good at dispersing tasks and getting everything organized.
  4. i am not a natural leader. i am not motivated by power and i am not good at organising other people. i will however, step up to lead if absolutely necessary. I am not good at delegating but what i am good at is negotiating. i am a creative person so i am good at sensing how people are feeling and refreshing people's perspectives. i often approach things from a completely different angle so sometimes that can help projects get back on track. i am also good at getting people to work together.
  5. As my brother said in his recent MBA graduation speech, "...good leaders have to be good followers first." I firmly believe this too!

    I never really saw myself as a leader until a few times when I just instinctively stepped in and took over the situation in crisis and got stuff delegated and worked out. I later looked back and thought "was that ME who did all that??"
  6. I am, always have been. I think it got ingrained in childhood - I'm the oldest child in my family, and my younger brother was painfully shy when he was little and also had a learning disability. I had to be the one to speak up a lot of times, as a result, and I took it as my duty to protect him. My parents always encouraged me to be confident in my ideas and opinions, as long as I understood why I believed in them, and I eventually had leadership roles in several organizations in school and later in life. I don't have a problem, per se, with authority, but I'm not afraid to challenge it in a constructive way if I believe that what I'm doing is the correct course of action.

    My astrological natal chart also bears out a lot of this, if you believe in that stuff ;)
  7. Same here :yes:
  8. Im a leader, but I dont mind following if I get to learn new things.
  9. I'm not a leader, yet I'm a horrible follower. I'm more of a lone wolf.
  10. i'm a leader. no doubt about it.
  11. Only when I know what I'm doing. But most of the time, I'm more of a follower.
  12. For better or for worse, I am.
  13. I am definitely a leader, but I have no problem following someone who knows more than I do.
  14. i am a leader because I find it somewhat annoying just sitting back and not doing anything and letting someone else pull the strings.
  15. ^ ITA with that!