Are you a Kelly girl or Birkin girl and why?

  1. My first H bag is a Birkin and I adore it. Whilst I know I absolutely made the right choice by going for a Birkin for my first bag, I loved the 35 Kelly when I tried it.

    Just wondering what everyone else thinks - are you a Birkin gal or a Kelly chick?
  2. i am a belly or kirkin gal :upsidedown:
    no but i love both + bolides plumes bombays lorraines etc) for me the birkin is my pants bag the kelly my dress skirt bag (also i don´t follow that religously) i can´t decide i need both but i do have more birkins then kellys - go figure
  3. Birkin. I need to have easy access, and the Birkin looks so good with the top open! Personally, I don't think I have enough class to pull off a Kelly.
  4. I like Kellies but they are not very me. Not at the moment anyway, too formal and classicand I'm neither.
  5. Both are great, but I am more of a Birkin girl. Almost all my bags are totes because I spend so much time trying to get in and out of my bag that the Birkin's just more practical.
  6. I am the same way with lilach. I feel like birkin is for my pants and kelly is for my dress. But I do like both and have more birkin than kelly. Right now, I like kelly pochette clutch for dress and kelly longue for pants for evening time. :smile: (I have to hunt for more :p)
  7. Kelly girl mostly. I think I like this bag because it does seem more formal. I wear business suits to work so it's a great bag for that. It just gives you a more pulled together look, JMHO. I love all the history about this bag as well.
  8. I'm a bolide girl...does that count?? It's my true love...
  9. I am BOTH! My very 1st H was also a 30 birkin, and at that time I thought I would prefer only birkins. BUT, a 32 cdc fuchsia kelly with pall hw in the windows of London's H stole my heart. I've been a birkin-kelly gal eversince.

    And now on to the WHY question... hmmm, let's see.. I wear my birkins with flap open and with my one and only fuchsia kelly I wear it closed. So, the kelly is good when I need more security... and when I need to have both hands free (that's what straps are for!).
  10. I was a Kelly girl for 5 years before purchasing my first Birkin, and now I'm hooked! The Birkin definitely has a slight edge for me, in 30, followed by the 32 Kelly. My love for the Birkin grew when I realized how convenient/easy it was to get in and out of--and I do love it for traveling!
  11. I'm a Kelly and Birkin Girl :yes::heart:
  12. At this time in my life and with the needs that I have (easy access, need to carry more, a more casual fashion style) I find I am a Birkin, make that an HAC, girl.

    I do adore the right Kelly for the right occasion, but right now I get more use out of my HACs.
  13. It´s difficult to answer this question without owning either. My first Kelly is coming in December though and it feels so right I think I´m a Kelly girl. I love the classic chic.
  14. I'm a rough & tough girl so I need a handbag to fit the bill. The Birkin is easy to use. I also have a lot of tote style purses, and they are truly convenient for quick hands in and hands out.
  15. I love both! I really like to mix the dressy with the casual....more fun and interesting that way!:supacool: